Welcome Sacrifice...

I could say we were both ready when we finally decided to take our relationship into the next level. We've had enough crazy and great years in our respective lives before we even met each other. I enjoyed my single life, and so as he. I love what I am and what have I become eversince I decided to stay here in Japan.

I gave up my career when I got pregnant to our lil Azumi. Some people said it's a pity that I've let certain chances slipped away, but I know they can always happen again. I'm thankful because my hubby works hard and supports me to become a full time mom to our lil princess. I don't plan to be a SAHM forever though... Nothing's more rewarding and fulfilling than to see your baby grows up and witness her milestones.

No matter how happy and fulfilled I am at the moment, of course I do miss a lot of things too.

I miss my huge number of family in the Philippines. I've missed a lot of family gatherings, weddings, birthdays, christmas, etc. I never missed any gatherings in our family BEFORE.

I miss my cousins.. our goodtimes and bonding..

I miss my friends and girl friends --our parties, bonding, night outs, movie dates, dining out, gossiping -- i miss being with them so much

I used to go home in the Philippines, atleast every 6 months, and now it's been almost 2 years =(

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  1. it's true, mas tumitibay ang relationship ng isang couple kapag may sacrifices sa twing may dumadaan na pasgsubok or obstacle..

    di ko pa naranasan ang manirahan sa ibang bansa ng taon taon ang itinagal.. matibay ako sa homesick pero ano kaya feeling?

    kung uwing-uwi ka na sis, magbalot ka nalang, dalhin mo si anzy para mameet den namen sya.. ingatz! :D

  2. aw.. ano po ba work mo dati? ako din parang walang direction life ko kung di ko kasama si boylet ko. parang walng sense kung sakali man maging successful ang career pero wala naman labidabi to share it with. kaya gawa na lang ako ng ibang career with him. happy diva. mwahness

  3. in a few years, when your little girl is a big girl already...makikita mo, your decision to be a sahm is right :)

    hope you can visit and leave your mark on my blogs :)
    buwaya in the city
    RJ's summer break activities

  4. @ Mrs. Kolca
    sure sis EB tayo.. lagi din kami sa Manila pag nasa pinas kami.. i wanna see your pretty Askim din.

    @ rj's mama
    I agree, kaya siguro good girl si baby heheh

  5. @ fedhz
    yung last ko work dito related sa food supplying para sa isang school. di naman bigtime na trabaho pero atleast career lol pero yung iba kasi pinay dito nanghihinayang sa visa ko, bakit di ko daw gamitin imbes na nasa bahay lang at mag-alaga ng baby.. ay naku

    so lucky naman ng boylet mo, pero syempre mas maganda nga meron ka-share diba.. goodluck sis =)

  6. You're such a lovely couple. Aww, sigurado your family here in the Philippines misses you. I hope you get to have a vacation here in the Philippines soon. I bet your family here will be excited to see you and your daughter.

    Lots of love,

  7. Meron talagang mga bagay na kailangan nating i give up para sa mga mahal natin sa buhay. Minsan, we can even sacrifice our own lives to make sure that our loved ones survive. May ibang taong saabihing, sayang ang oportunidad, pero, kanya kanya naman ang isip natin, you and only you can know, what to give up and what to keep to make sure of your happiness and of the ones you love. If quitting your job and caring for you daughter makes you and your hubby happy, then that's one sacrifice that is worth doing.

  8. There's nothing like seeing your kids grow and I'm glad you're happy with your choice. You're a lovely looking couple.

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful Friday!

  9. I couldn't agree more Bambie... There's just A LOT that a girl gives up after getting married, being a mom and wife -- both physical, mental and emotional.

    Anyhoo, I grabbed your badge, just so you know. ;)

  10. Ganyan talaga pagka mommy na madami ng sacrifices but its worth it diba and so lucky tayo kasi very supportive ang hubby natin..

  11. I believe di ka naman nagnagkamali sa pagpili when you decided to get married.You have a very happy family!

  12. Sabi ko nga sa response ko sa iyong comment sa aking post.. "Ay... I sooo agree!!! Minsan lang kase ang tingin ng iba, you're successful if you have a career other than being a mom.. pero dba? There are just moms like us who believe that TIME with our kids and family are the most precious... aanhin naman natin ang kayamanan?"

  13. salamat sa pag share mo ng tungkol sa inyong dalawa..


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