First Kiss?

I don't really want to remember but for the love of Girltalk... so here...

If we're talking about First Kiss literally, that would be----ummm I think--- our school service driver!
YUCK! as in yucky yucky kadiri!

Ok I was only 6 or 7 then. Our real driver who was already old got sick, so he recommended his colleague who was younger (and looks maniac).
He kisses me (with matching kurot after) on my cheeks before I go down from his tricycle (yeah my service at that time was a tricycle lol). I was always the last one to be dropped (we were 2 or 3)

He's freaking me out so I told my dad (or aunt, i forgot) that I don't want to ride on his super ingay na tricycle anymore because of what he was doing. GROSS!

My first kiss from someone (i thought) I like was also a disaster... I was 13 and he was 2 years ahead.
I felt grossed instead of kilig...

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First Date: Summer Love

I was 14 when I had my first ever decent date

My boy friend who was my classmate from Grade 6 to first year highschool and transferred to Baguio on our 2nd year, visited me during our summer vacation. We hanged out together with our other friends, including his cousin who drove for us.

To make the long story short, his cousin has a crush on me and been asking my friend a lot about me. Uso pa telebabad nun so we talked for long hours... during those times, my friend never bothered to call me anymore. I wondered why I missed him but his cousin always calls me even if he's in Manila (where he lives). I love the effort of long distance call just to check how I am. Whenever he was in AC, that was the time we can talk for hours. I enjoyed talking to him. He talked about a lot of things which were new to me. He's so sensible and kind. He's 7 years older.

Til one day, he asked me to have dinner with him on Saturday Night, he will go to Angeles.. Gosh I said yes! BUT I panicked when he said he will fetch me in our house, 6pm. I can't say "NO meet na lang tayo sa kanto namin" lol..

I was stressing out myself for days thinking about how to tell DAD that I'm going out on Saturday Night? It's always OK to go out with my friends coz he trusts them but with a guy? I havent tried asking him that yet that's why I was stressed..

That night, I was so nervous. I got no choice but to tell Dad, and he was somewhat shocked lol.. First time kasi eh, Im the eldest... Good thing when he arrived, he knocked and went inside. He really had the intention of asking my Dad's permission to take me out. Daddy was like a police, interrogating him. He even asked him to write his address in Manila and Angeles... He gave us curfew til 9pm (ay naku!)

How was our date? It was memorable and indeed the moment I was fantasizing. A gentleman who would open doors for me lol.. take me home on time and kiss me goodnight yeah we kissed but never thought that was the first and last I WAS INFATUATED.

He said he realized I was still too young. Before something gets deeper, he should let go. Kawawa lang daw ako coz he lives in Manila. He said his cousin likes me too that they started not to talk eversince he called me. That made sense. ALthough I lost my friend.

ANyway, Seeing him talking to my dad in his formal and polite way, I realized that's the type of man I would like to be my boyfriend. Matured and responsible. Maybe that's the reason why I choose older than me.


He Made Me Really Angry!

Honestly, I am still thinking when did my honey hide made me really really mad?

We argued and fought a loooot of times but I don't think there was an instance that he made me really angry (or maybe i can't remember at the moment..).

I guess He's too good when it comes to arguing coz in the end, most of the time I was the one who feels guilty lol. Whenever we fight, mostly it's because of my temper. I raise my voice and he hates it. It's not that I'm yelling at him, it's just my personality whenever I get into tension or when I reason out over something -- but he sees it the other way, he thinks of it like I was yelling which becomes an argument (ugggg!)

We fight mostly over petty things. After an hour or two of silent treatment, oftentimes, he would make the first move by coming to me and give his right hand so there, instead of shaking hands, Power Hug na lang and then the rest is history....

Sometimes our baby seems to know there's a tension... She has her way of breaking the silence she would show us something new or something amazing that we'd end up talking to each other like nothing happened

Hubby may have some habits that make me annoyed sometimes but that's just it... He would just laugh at me when I scold him --- that's the only time I can scold him like a mom lol.

Rodliz’s Nest


First Crush...

Hmmm this made me think for a lil while coz I don't really remember his name But I was 7 when the first time I thought I was falling In love

All I remember is that he is a tisoy, fil-am. He was my classmate on the first grade in elementary.
I blush whenever I see him infront of me. I became so concious about how I look which wasn't the usual me (coz i really didn't usualy care about my hair, only then... ). I was so quiet whenever he's around lol.. He called me "bungal" and I really felt so bad and embarassed that I pretended to be sick the next day coz I was so shy, I  didn't want him to see me til I get back my front tooth ( i even asked my dad to have me a false tooth).

Looking back, i find myself so funny and yucky


Just Got Lucky



This year I also received Otoshidama from my old folks here in Japan, my mom's FIL and my MIL. Whatta a lucky thing to start my New Year. I never expected it. How much? Surprisingly alot...

Actually the 4 envelopes are my lil girl's Otoshidama.

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