Talking about comfort foods, i have lots. Pancit canton, Vcut or Chippy + coke, mangga with bagoong, quarterpounder by Mcdo, milo sandwich...

Comfort Food

Talking about comfort foods, i have lots.

Pancit canton, Vcut or Chippy + coke, mangga with bagoong, quarterpounder by Mcdo, milo sandwich ---and a lot more to mention-- were my comfort foods when I was younger ...

But geesh, i would never forget the happiness and great satisfaction I always feel everytime I eat one the Baskin Robbin's seasonal ice cream flavor, GHOST WORLD, which is only available every month of September. I would ask my honeyb to buy me a pint coz a cup or two aren't enough. There was even a time when he forgot and I was so furious that he had no choice but to go out again and buy me at the last minute lol.

ANd whatta a disappointment coz last year, this flavor wasn't available! The last time I ate it was when I took this photo =( A week before I gave birth to lil Anzu (9/30/08). Never thought that it would be the last =(

But anyway, there are still tempting foods that comfort me, and they vary everytime lol.


  1. awww.. that's sad.. cool ice cream packaging, tho.. it's pink.. perfect for the pink thursday tomorrow :D

  2. One of my favorite place to get a cinnamon roll!

  3. nakakalungkot's been so long since you ate this seems to be yummy comfort food of yours.. but will be back this September believe or if possible request for it..[crossfinger];D

  4. wahhhh... ice cream galore first 2 entries ice cream wahhhhhhh... want to have one now heheheh
    Happy easter =)

  5. naku..kailangan palang mgstock na super daming ganyan jan sa fridge mo sis...

  6. Aww. I miss Baskin & Robbins.
    Too bad we don't have that here anymore, I think. I have not seen a Baskin & Robbins since I graduated High School, that was back in 2000!
    ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  7. My favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream is nuts to you as in super like ko!!Now I'm craving na hahaha...God bless pretty mom!!!

  8. Same with Mommy Jac,I'm craving here in front sa pc!!--malapit pa naman ang Baskin31 dito,pasaway lol!!hooisst!!malapit ng summer,start na naman ng challenge the triple nila!!wweee!!\(^0^)/

  9. sarap nga ng ice cream sa baskin robins. kahit winter, kumakain pa rin kame sa baskin robins fuchu when we were still in the neighborhood. miss ko na yan masyado din!

  10. hahah..ganun??? aay..ang craving atimana..heheh

    good day fab mommy!

  11. ice cream! looove mango flavor, no matter what the brand is :)

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    why so happy?

  12. sarap naman ng comfort food mo sis and mamahalin..he..he...available lang sya September? meron din dito mango flavor sa swensens available lang on summer...

    mine's here if you want to peek..he..he...

  13. bigla ako napaisip anung tsura ng ghost world ice cream na yan... waaaaaaah. i love ice cream too pero i go for cookies and cream and rocky road lang :) hihihih

    milo sandwich. u mean pinapalaman mo milo sa bread??? waaaaaaaaaaah. ginagawa ko yan nung bata pa ko.. wahehehhe. minsan nga gatas eh lol hahaha

  14. Yummmmm!!! Twin, I remember gusto mo magkaroon ng franschise ng BR diba? :D

    Basta libre ice cream ako pag owner ka na ah ;)

  15. yum, sarap talaga ang baskin and robbins na ice cream :-)

  16. wow, bakit wala yan dito sa pinas ... ang ganda naman ng packaging ... sarap nga talaga siguro ..

    my first time to join ...

    What is my comfort food?

  17. naku, seasonal lang ang flavor na yan. sayang naman. hehehe

  18. Ghost world? an ice cream flavor? very intriguing. its a combination of what?

    here's my gt entry for this week:

    hope you can visit

    have a great weekend :-)


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