a typhoon that brought sadness

I really feel so sad and SORRY for all the victims of typhoon Ondoy. I stopped watching the tfc news because it's just breaking my heart.. I dont want to see those damaged homes, floating cars and houses... so heartbreaking. My family were just one of the lucky people who were spared from this disastrous typhoon. They live in Angeles City... They were all safe. Im also glad that my sister who's studying in Manila came home before the rain poured so hard. I might go crazy if something bad happened to them, especially my dad who goes to Manila everyday for his business.

Godd, I still feel sad whenever I read bloggers' posts about typhoon... I really feel sorry for all the victims and for the family who have lost -may it be something or everything--- If only I could do something to help, I would gladly do it. But for now, all I can do is pray to our Lord, and visit the nearest temple from our home, fire an insense, and silently pray for those who have lost their family.

This typhoon indeed brought a great sadness to so many people. With this video alone, my tears has never stopped from falling.

ANd there's another natural disaster in SAMOA... now i really am quitting watching the news for the meantime.



I guess everybody knows what a Tonkatsu is.. one of the popular dish in Japan. It consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet one to two centimeters thick and sliced into bite-sized pieces, usually served with shredded cabbage and/or miso soup.

It won't be a Tonkatsu at all if there's no tonkatsu sauce. Sesame seeds adds a wonderful flavor to the sauce. SO YUMMY... One of my favorite dishes in Japan...

By the way, this will be the new home for my food trip entries.

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Over men....

Okay I don't need to go further, of course men's nature is to provide something for his family. Thousands of years ago until now, they are the Hunters, while women's nature is to take care of the family, that's why they are called "the light".. you know what i mean?

Aside from the "girl thing" thingies like make ups, shopping, endless conversations with friends, bearing a child, dresses, et al

I think...........

** men are not good with

Sometimes my hubby pisses me a bit when for instance, Im washing dishes while cooking and doing laundry at the same time, then he says "one at a time honey". HALLER??? Infairness, he's just being caring but he knows I can do it, ive been doing it for over 2 years now lol

He even says "relax relax" when I chat or talk to the friends of mine over the YM while I am ironing our clothes... I know he was just joking but it's not funny for me sometimes lol (love you honey hehe)

Havent seen any man, inlcudes my dad and honey, who does multi tasking so good. If they do, they end up complaining or feeling exhausted, while WE, women enjoy doing it without SWEAT...

**can't ask for directions

I already proved this for so many years from my exes, dad, male cousins, boy friends and my loving honey. They think they're good with directions, that as much as possible, they don't pull over and ask for help.

HOney has told me a lot of times that Men are good with directions. Honestly, they really are. They may know all the short cuts on the roads... But in times of asking for help such as directions, well--- girls always rock lol

** wOmen are more CHARMING

DO i need to elaborate? We get free drinks or get inside of a bar with no cover charge and a lot more favors by just using our charms lol

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Commenter's Avatar Feature

WHat I love with wordpress platforms are the tons of plugins available. That's why I won't give up my kawaii-bebe even if i don't update it as much as I wanted to. That's my first ever blog anyway, i love it and I want it to stay that way, my personal page.

But lately, seems blogger has lots to offer too... although you have to manually install the plugin.

While I was in my usual surfing mode, I came across to this blogging tips site, didn't thought that Blogger has already enabled the Gravatar feature in blogs, although not exactly the gravatar, but the blogger's Profile Image...

Just Like these....

Would you like to have this Avatar feature in your comment boxes? Back up your template first before you follow these steps:

1. Go to Layout
**Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard
**checkthe "Expand widget templates" box.

2. Scroll down and locate the following line of code (or similar):
note: Depending on your particular template, you may see this instead

3. Replace this line of code with the following:

4. Now, locate this line of code (usually a few lines further down, depending on your particular template)

**Immediately before this line, paste the following section of code:

5. Save your template.

VOILA! check your post with comments, you should be seeing your commenters' avatars now

if it's not yet clear, click here, instead =) Let me know if you got it..


Why do I love being a Girl?

Don't you feel so lucky to be born as a girl? Count me in, coz I am.. I always feel that whenever a great circumstances happening to me.. Although when I was younger, I would think about how is to be a guy? But let's just stick to the topic because today is Girls Talk day girlemo so here, the host asked Why you love being a girl?

WHY DO I LOVE BEING GIRL?girlemoI actually have so many things running in my mind...

ON SHOPPING: shoes and bags (may it be signature or fashionable), clothes, make-ups, accessories, jewelries ( i prefer white gold or tiffany's silver sterlings)

Can you a imagine a guy who enjoys these shopping lists? If there is, probably they would think him as a gay. Few people only understands what a metrosexual really means.

ON being vain
I guess shopping and being vain go hand in hands... If you're a girl, it's way too alright to be vain. Stylists could be our bestfriends because we tend to see them at least once a month or two (although i dont have stylist friends right now coz i havent been in a salon for months gessh!) ..
It's always understandable if we keep our date/boyfriend/husband waiting for like an hour (or forever) just dressing and making up ourselves. Have your guy kept you waited because he was till busy dressing up himslef

ON Gossips / Talking...
It's not that I love gossiping other people's dirty businesses coz I dont but reality Girls enjoy gossips and its ok to love it. We love talking about anything with our girlfriends, and find ourselves giggles.. We would never like a guy who loves gossips and have that cute giggles right? lol

On Heartaches...
We love so hard that's why we hurt so much. We're good in dealing with heartaches even sometimes we're overreacting and we tend to do stupid things.. that's just us i guess.. we face it and we deal it with the help of our girl friends who also cries with us. We tend to be masochist because we keep on listening to sad love songs, talking about him every now and then, but then girl friends are just there to listen to our stupid sentiments lol..

----these were the few things i was grateful for when I was younger. Now that I stepped in to the next level in my life, a more serious and responsible life..

ON being pregnant
I think I felt more loved, pampered, and cared when I was pregnant to our lil dolly princess. I even felt the love of my neighbors to me. I even treated special by the strangers I encounter inside the train or inside the mall or wherever and whoever notices me having a hard time carrying my groceries lol. Yeah really, i don't know if it is a SP here in Japan, people seems to be nicer with pregnant women. The special treatment is so automatic... I really enjoyed the feeling of importance I get from the strangers lol

The pregnant belly is the one of the most beautiful things in the world. Im so lucky to experience it. Imagine yourself carrying a life in less than a year? That's the greatest miracle and indeed the real essence of a woman .

SO there...
i can'T think of anything more as of now..
But for more girltalks, visit Here
..and you might want to share your thoughts too...
What are we girls are for if we don't chika chika??? lol


Congratulations Niko Ganda for this new weekly task... Love it!


Hello WOrld

OK I ADMIT I'M BORED. Too afraid for my baby to get infected by INfluenza that's why the two of us can't just go out like what we used to whenever Honey is not around.. He is busy with his work today and I already finished 4 episode-DVDs of The OC, my baby is in deep sleep . So here, i came up with this another site to fill in the World Wide Web. I was actually thinking of another Wordpress platform but Im kinda lazy to have another separate LOG IN page so I created in my blogger account instead.

Well actually, I found this template (which Im currently using) so cute, designed by my favorite Cebong of Ipietoon.com. I still don't wanna change my babyblog's current theme so here... FABBIELOUS is born lol.

I still don't know what to do here, but for sure, another senseless posts from my scribbled thoughts. Any suggestions are welcome.

Japanese Tempura Rice Bowl

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