Honey Bee...

Just got home from Narita Airport.. My sissy went back home to PI. So sad...

To divert my temporary loneliness, I'll be back to my normal blogging routine lol (that includes bloghopping)..

Now I'm sharing this delicious sweet temptation to you and to foodtrippers ... Belgium Waffles of Honey bee..

Brownie Caramel with Vanilla Topping for me..

Banana and Brownie Caramel for my dear Lil Sissy.....

Honey bee is our favorite cafe when we go shopping at Tachikawa, Tokyo.. They serve yummy waffles. Not only waffles, they have sandwiches, frozen custard, fresh juices, shakes, and many more. No wonder, it's always crowded with female customers...


My Birthday and my cake...

It's already a week since the day we celebrated my 28th Birthday in simple and intimate way. Honey pretty much did an effort of throwing a "not-so-suprised party" for me on a Cafe and Bar Restaurant. He reserved the private room for us, packaged with a dinner course for 6 persons and "drink all you can" beverages, such as fresh juices, sodas, cocktails and liquors.. YEAH that includes a variety of cocktails and liquors. No wonder, I had enough lol.

The main surprise was the birthday cake. Actually I knew I would have one, a but I was surprised of how the staff presented me their special cake that is made for me.

Birthday music turned on, lights were turned off, then the CAKE made its grand entrance. Of course, birthday song was sung once more and I made a alot of wishes before blowing off the candles.

Trust me, it's delicious. I think the most delicious cake I ever taste.

My favorite way to spend my birthday is, of course, with my loved ones and friends around me and everyone is happy.

(read more here --->My 28th Birthday

watch my music video.. thanks so much po..

To Mommy Willa, our dear host of Foodtrip and THE FOODTRIPPERS who greeted me on my birthday.


I'd also like to thank....

for their time and unexpected effort of posting a Birthday Greetings for me in their respective blogs, no matter how busy they were.. THANK SO MUCH

THank You also to all those who remembered my birthday.. Thanks so MUCH


Boracay 2005

To make the long story of our first ever Out of Town TRIP together in the Philippines, I'm gonna make it as simple as possible. I guess some of you have already read about our lovestory (also read here)..

July 2005, I came back home to Philippines with no expectations from him. We were only dating then (6 months)... After 3 weeks, he followed me. It was his first time so I gotta make amazing plans to make a good impression about our beloved country and of course, I want to make his First TRIP memorable ( which I really perfectly did ). I showed him around, introduced the best and worst of PI which he was instantly fallen inlove. Of course, he met my huge number of family -- in short, HE HAD THE BEST VACATION ever..

I took him first to Boracay. Well, we bothe a first time visitor on the Island.

I'm sharing our memorable Boracay photos which give me a nice feeling of Nostalgia everytime I look at them. I wish I took more photos of nice views --not only ourselves lol (di pa ko ganun ka-passionate sa photography during that time...). This is my first entry for Ate Rose's weekly meme, Nostalgia

It was a lil bit cloudy on the first day =(

The Hotel we stayed, Boracay Regency Station 2

At the Bar.. One thing I admire him most is his being so friendly to anyone, especially to the staffs.

During our Island Hopping, with Manang, our super nice tour guide..

On our way home from the Paradise...

Why don't you also dig your photo archives and share them and be nostalgic about them with us every Thursday Isn't it so nice to talk and share about our good memories to the whole wide web?

ANother thing to look forward every Thursday...

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My Friends From School...

...that I treasure so much....

How could I miss last week's theme? Old photos are all in my precious room in the Philipppines. I was looking around in my Facebook's tag photos, but I couldn't find any but my highschool and college photos lol...

One of the few things that I'm most thankful and proud of, is my FRIENDS. I have met and hanged out with lots of friends from highschool to college.

These are my bestest Friends whom I've known since Highschool. They are my family. We've been through good times and bad times.

My IS (international school) Friends S.Y 2005~2007.. I miss them so much. So sad that I've lost in touch with them. I think most of them went back home to their respective countries. They've been my sad absorbers for two years. I really wish to see them again someday... They will never ever gonna be forgotten especially Choun, Kim, Chin, Joanna, and Bong..

i miss friends so much... iba pa rin... We may all live in different parts of the world, we may now have different priorities in life, we may not see and hang out often like we used to, one thing is for sure, we would always have the same laugh like the old times when we see each other again.. Nothing will really change.


Happy Birthday Ate Seiko

One of the few people that I admire so much is celebrating her birthday today. And I want to start a good day by sending her my virtual Happy Birthday Greetings...

Dear Ate Seiko,

I'm actually kinda speechless right now because I have so many things running in my mind that I want to tell you.
I am blessed and indeed maswerte to know you even if we haven't really met personally But I'm looking forward to that day. I guess you already know that you're one of the many people I admire so much --you're one of those I look up when it comes to parenting and being a dual career mom.
You definitely know how to balance work and home. That is also something I want to be someday.
You deserve what you have right now, a successful career, great family, loyal friends and many more.

Here’s to many more years of blissful life

お誕生日 おめでとう 


Visit he and comment your greeting here


Vividly yellow Tulips taken during the Flower Festival in Showa-Kinen Park last week

One of the reasons why I love spring... Flowers are so vivid.



Happy MOm's Day

to the wonderful moms!

Cheers to us all FAB mothers Let's enjoy and be proud of our awesome motherness.

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My Mom ♥

I have to say that we have a great mom.. great mom in her own ways. It’s not realistic to think you’ll always get along with your moms, but even through those times, we still love them. No matter how much she frustrated me when I was young, she's still my mom and I love her in great deal. She made some sorts of sacrifices in order to give us a more comfortable lifestyle and sent us to a good school.

My parents separated when I was 12 years old, my sister was 6. Mom took effort of catching up and spend time with us atleast 2-3 months a year. Showered us with material things that we needed (and wanted) well that's because she was away --- it's different now that we're together (and closer) lol

Eversince I became a mom, I appreciate her more inspite of my frustrations. I have been in her womb for 9 months, she cared for me and carried me all along.

Anyway, I don't want drama. I love my mom more than anything on this world. She's cool and awesome. She's been always there for us. SHe wasn't there when we were growing up but she's making up for the lost times until now. That's also the reason why Japan has become our second home.

meet my sissy here

Rodliz’s Nest


Meet my dear Lil Sissy..

My favorite person next to my Lil Kawaii Prinsesa (she used to be my number one lol)
partner in crime
sad absorber
best friend
shopping partner
side kick
my love
my everything

If there's one person who knows everything, as in everything about me, it's Her..

I love her...


She's the reason why I can't concentrate with blogging and bloghopping routine.. She'll gonna be here til this month =)

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