Another Heavy Breakfast

Torta Giniling, Sunny Side Up Egg, Green Tea and Uron Tea ( a must whenever I eat oily food )

I think this is the nth time I posted a Torta giniling lol (well I must that this is my only specialty...)

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  1. Sarap naman nyan!

    Pwede pa bang humabol kahit late na? I am sharing Pork Roast. Have a great weekend!

  2. a breakfast that is good to last me for a day!
    Happy Friday!!

  3. BTW, Bambs I added this blog to my blogroll...

  4. yummyness.. i love tortang giniling.. but i like it for lunch haha :D parang too heavy for breakfast ang rice meals for me.

  5. heavy breakfast indeed and yummy, too!

  6. pakain dyan senu minsa sis.. hihi! :D tikman ko yang torta mo, mukhang masarap!

  7. sarap naman nito .... yum, yum...

    Bambi, I added this blog here

    In This Side of Town
    Woman’s elan vital

  8. Yummy breakfast!!I love tortang ginilang,too--masarap na pansahog sa omelet whenever I have some giniling leftovers.


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