Before and after (sexy and now siksik)

Well, this is me -- before and after!

Before: Totally confident, slim, no bilbil, perfect braso, skinny legs, boobsies Up (ala maui taylot lol)

Now: still cofident though (?), bigger tummy with bilbil, a lil bigger braso, ---in short, not too confident to wear my old summer clothes =(

FINE! For the love of girltalk, here's my current Info and Vital stats:

Age: 27 yrs old ( and wishing to be forever 23 )
Height: not that tall, and not that small, 5'2 haha
Weight: 50 kilos ( and i will be 44 kg again this year, i 'll work for it )
Vital stats: I don't have plastic tape measure in our house, but ill share my sizes in Japanese size ( in centimeters )
my bra size is b75 ( 30-32 b yata pag sa pinas)...
current jeans size is 61-64 cm ( 27~28 yata pag sa pinas ) I miss my old skinny jeans =(
hips? i think its bigger from the previous size which was 33 -- it might be 35~36 inches now..

Gosh, this post made me really don't wanna eat midnight snacks anymore... I seriously should diet na!


  1. you're still sexy sis nothing much has changed compared to your before photo...

    mine's here: http://www.fashionexplorer.net/2010/03/on-body-shape-height-weight-and-age/

  2. wow..sexy mo pa rin sa pix partida mommy ka na nyan.. not totally diet kasi tummy lang ang kelangan i-reduce fabulous na..

    here's my Huny's entry http://beloved-uncertaintees.blogspot.com/2010/03/for-now-my-turn.html

  3. don't worry sexy ka pa rin nman sis...

  4. hey hey, you don't look like you have "bilbil".. halos pareho pala tayo ng stats.. haha.. 5'1.5" ako.. i weigh 49.6 kilos.. 36-28-34.5 at the age of 29.. hayyy, ideal weight ko is 45 kilos, so i'm really, really going back to the gym!

  5. hihi. anu ka ba. seksing seksi pa rin naman. hot momma. naks. hihi.

  6. I think you still look great! All of us GT's are beautiful,aren't we? :) *thumbs up*

  7. bwahhahhaah ganda!! magkasize na tau ngaun :) pero in fairness di ko keri kaseksihan mo noon ha..

    lets lose some fats na soon!! dali summer na :) hihih

    thanks for always joining GT ganda ha.. see u next week.. show some flesh nmn.. konti lng ha hihih

    ingat lagi!

  8. Naku, bambs..sexy ka pa din...Lika na, diet na tayo..

  9. wow..you look so sexy parin naman bambie...pero syempre mas sexy itong before picture..mkakaisip talaga taung mgdiet na sa topic na ito..i started doing it na..i ate just a little as in little dinner... haiii..i posted mine too at The Three Chies

  10. Anong siksik, you're looking smokin hot Momma :)

  11. Oy, pang artista na yang vitals mo ha, wag ka ng mag complain..at ang picture mo eh ang ganda at sexy,

  12. still sexy and gorgeous for me. wish ko lang ganyan din ako kasexy, lol!

    Topics on Earth
    Mom’s Ups and Downs

  13. sabi nga nila, wala naman sa vital stats yan, nasa pagdadala at confidence ang pagiging sexy..

    yung nga lang, di ako confident lol dont be decieved with my pictures lol, picture lang yan

  14. Naku ha in fairness sexy ka pa rin noh!Buti nga ikaw ang liit waist mo, maraming space pag suot mo ang jeans ko lol!That's why I hate wearing skinny jeans,feeling ko suman ako lol!


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