My gosh, one of my close ol friend is celebrating her birthday. Others said we were look alikes lol pero she's prettier and more gorgeous than me.

She's a certified pink and apple lover. She loves anything fabulous.


Torta Giniling

This is how we eat our Torta Giniling, always served with letus, ala Thai Dish.

Torta is the first Pinoy Food Ive learned to cook ( almost 4 years ago i think..). It's also the easiest... It has become my specialty.

Hubby likes it when rolled/wrapped in an uncut letus leaf, while I eat it with letus stips. Banana makes me feel like eating a real filipino food..

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Fave Gift

Aside from the Coach bags and Hermes Watch, my latest favorite would be my..........

Harman/Kardon Dynabook TX67

This was my hubby's gift after I gave birth to our lovechild. I was actually waiting for Windows 7 but just couldn't wait anymore lol.. Windows vista isn't that bad though...

Anyway, dont mind the pink candy box and the cellphone. It's the only photo I have for now.

I am not really a pink person but eversince I knew I was having a girl, I finally find pink so kawaii. But still, Im no pink person-- i just have few stuffs in pink. (I guess this is my nth time of telling you this lol)


Couple's Corner

OK i missed a lot 94b994a7577a32725a2485b14da910c2.gif image by labambita... i let few weeks past without sharing my own story for CC. As much as I wanted to post, I end up quitting... I just couldn't concentrate because of my lil girl who's always there on my lappie's side, making kalikot to the wire cables and trying to press my keyboards when she can944f6dc86b93bdee729e1b2950520eff.gif image by labambita. Posting about our stories can really take me too long to type - there are just sooo many things to share. Anyway, I still have those drafts in my personal blog.. I actually thought of posting them there instead because its something personal, its about me, my rants and my other half. Nonetheless, Im sharing it here...

It's never too late as Mommy Liz' told me.

Talking about our first misunderstanding.. I remember it so well... But let me first share your some recaps before we proceed. (hope it wont bore you, i tried to be creative lol may title pa bawat episodes)

Some Facts:

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704The meeting
How did we met? We met at Jan 2005 in a bar (...more )

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704Not More Than Friends and Yet Not Less Than LOvers
hanged out few times from Feb to March with friends (on a group)

Taken by my friend during one of our group hangout

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704Making it slow
Started going out just the two us on April but still we were taking it slow

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704May Escapades
My sister who is my forever partner in crime was here at that time, so we had our escapades during late at night, with my sister as chaperone (syempre pinay ako lol) We just hang out and eat... Saying goodbye then would take us an hour before he could really start his car to go home

Honey and my dear lil sis @ Denny's during one of our late night escapades

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704June affairs
It was getting deeper and lovelier.. It was like highschool love again. You know, telebabad til early morning (the longest time we talk over the phone was almost 5 hours, 3am to 8 --no kidding i swear), sweet mails with matching smileys... chuckling for no reason. In short, we're really inlove. Even Mom noticed it, i was smiling with my eyes sparkling lol.

My sissy took this.. first time nya humakbay sa akin, pa-simple pa lol

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704The Promise
I had to go home before my visa expires on July 7. We went out once more, the two of us, but this time, we went too far--out of town lol but no overnight (syempre NO way! not this time)

July 5, 2005 our first out of town, Hakone

It was hard to let go but then I came back home to Philippines without any expectations from him. If he's really serious, he'll follow.

And he did, after few weeks... He followed and experienced his first visit to Philippines. Maybe some of you know how it goes in our very own NAIA for the first timers lol. I warned him to be careful and Im glad he didn't bite those "Manggagancho" Airport Staffs (sorry for the word)995830a7ea71a19965b0408096b50a04.gif image by labambita.

July 31, 2005 his first night in the Philippines, @ Greenbelt 3, Makati

Finally, we are officially a couple. I made sure he will enjoy his first visit in the Philippines which he did coz he stayed for 2 weeks and came back after 2 weeks and stay for 2 weeks again lol

Rodliz’s Nest

The First Misundertanding

It was going smoothly during the first few days, until one night, we were having a good time at Eastwood Libis when my phone rang, it was my gay friend who was calling me asking where I was, will I ever go out to see them blah blah...? I forgot I promised to hang out with them that day after a very long time. He was a friend whom I havent been hanging out with for so many years. A week after I came back home from JP, we saw each other again and promise to hang out. To make the long story short, my new boyfriend was soooooooo mad! As in super super mad. He thought I was two timing him.. Why would a guy call me so late at night daw.. and why does my phone keeps on beeping (texts)??? My gosh, if he only knows how pinoys would rather text instead of phone calls.. Hilig pa naman natin magtext text diba... And haller, its normal for me to have late phonecalls and texts from friends....

Anyway, I wasnt answering the texts at first because I was with him, so my friend called me na lang and it happened na malakas boses nya. After the call, he was so quiet and serious.

I was laughing at first kasi pinagseselosan nya ang bading na friend ko. But he was so serious. It was the first time I saw him so angry, his eyes were so mad. I wasn't really good in handling tempers at that time, at shock din ako lol.

He went to the parking lot, gosh I was crying na talaga and felt helpless coz he never listens.. He wants to go back in our condo, and even asked me to call the ticketing office coz he badly wanna go back to Japan asap.. I panicked of course620e0e2bf9b87739e1707fb168256983.gif image by labambita...

After few hours of arguments and apologizing, we finally kissed and made upimage by labambita. That was the longest night ever lol.

(sorry for the long post dearies...)

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Love For Life

Me and the man in my life, Hide

When we were still dating, we used to go in a game center and have Purika shots afterwards.. i miss those days, when we could stay out late at night til my curfew, out of blue joyrides, watching movies, out of towns, etc.

Nevertheless, our life now is much simpler and quiet. Living a happy family life with our love child. I know someday, we would be back again to our dating phase, but for now, we're happy and enjoying our parenthood to our
lil lovely daughter.

Gosh Im loving this new meme... it takes out the mushy in me...

Join us here
with love wednesday



My gosh...

Two of the fab mommas online are celebrating their birthday today >

d91297d688e10c73ed887fa4cae103f3.gif image by labambita Fedhz of Home Buddies
d91297d688e10c73ed887fa4cae103f3.gif image by labambita Niko of Girls Rule

Happy Birthday

Omedetou (in Japanese)

Home Buddies Blogversary/Bday Contest
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Past Time

What is my favorite past time?

Besides playing with my dolly (which left me no choice lol joke)--- Gosh Ive got so many in my list.. It really depends on my mood.

*obviously I surf the net during my idle time (idle time for me is when my dolly is sleeping or busy playing by herself or with her Dad) updating my sites and network accounts, chat (whenever i can),

*cleaning the house (or doing the household chores) ( i tend to be so OC at times)

*watching dvd (movies and series.. among my fave series are Prison break, 24, The OC, Ally Mcbeal, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, The Hills)

*joyride with my honey and lil girl

*window shopping with my lil girl


I do miss a lot of things too... like

* hanging out at my girl friends' and cousins' houses specifically in their room or kitchen lol
* gimmick
*girls' night out
* watching movies and throwing popcorns on those groups who are noisy lol (that was before)
* gambling with my cousins (playing pusoy dos, 41, bulldog, crazy 8, and tongits)
* driving
*dressing up with my dear lil sis
* and a lot more...

Pink Panther

HONDA FIT 2009 Limited

Actually it's my mom's image by labambita When it comes to car, she comes to me.
I was the one who chose the model type and the color image by labambita She was actually eyeing for a flaming red toyota model image by labambita
She is really not a pink person but obviously she loves her pink car which she named as Pink Panther

Hey Pink Panther, wait for me til i get my japanese driving license hahah!



Serenic Autumn View I


This is the beautiful view from the lobby of the hotel we stayed in last thursday in Nagano.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
- Albert Camus

It was really a relaxing morning, enjoying this beautiful and serenic view from the lobby area while sipping our arromatic fresh cup of coffee, waiting for our time to check out

....and go back to our normal routines ugggh!


On Chocolates

Posting for my favorite task of the week...

I think my latest favorite chocolates are from MEIJI.
Especially the Black Chocolate...

I used to be a chocolate lover especially when I was a kid.. I always look forward for chocolate pasalubongs from any family who came home from abroad, specifically from US, and Middle East. There were Toblerones, Sneakers, M&Ms, name all the imported chocolates you know.

Mom who works here in Japan during that time never failed to put chocolates in the balikbayan box... Uso pa padala ng package nun dba lol.. My relatives in the US would also send balikbayan box to us which really brought us so much fun--you know opening the box and smelling it for awhile lol--

Those were the days...

ANyway, I think I like Meiji's Chocolates most...

Right now, I rarely eat chocolates. I guess when you get older, you get sick of eating sweets..

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I just found myself loving pink when I was pregnant.. although I am not exactly sure when... I think when I found out that we were having a girl.

Anyway, there's a new meme hosted by Sweetmom of charlottev.com. Obviously she loves pink, as the title says... I like pink, and this is my first entry.chinesegirlemoticon

FLower from Honey Bee on our 40th monthsary as a couple last Nov 4.

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Although I already shared what a Yakiudon is in my previous entry, I'm sharing it again.. and this time, I was the one who cooked and prepared it.

It was a yummy late Lunch with Honey B,
Yakiudon which I cooked for the first time, vegetable roll butter bread, egg, and COLA...

sarap, sira ulit ang diet lol


On drinks...

These are the beverages that I prefer to drink most of the time...

The Starbucks Latte of Starbucks...
I really love this one. Of all the lattes of all coffee shops, Starbucks' is the best. Not too sweet but no too bitter. Perfect blend.. although when I tried the Pinas' Starbucks' Latte, it was quite different, sobrang tamis =( I guess Im getting old, I dont go for sweet drinks anymore...

Jasmine Tea
I just love its aromatic smell.. and its good for diet.

When it comes to alcohol.....

nothing beats my

It may be like a water for some, but I love it... I don't get tipsy even on my 7th bottle lol.
Just the taste, look, and smell of it brings back the old good and wild memories of my younger days lol..

Those were the days..

Occassionally I drink, but I can't even finish a can.. its really different when you're drinking with friends. Or maybe, I am not really into alcohol beverages...

Japanese Tempura Rice Bowl

One of my favorite Japanese foods is Tempura. The other day, we dined out in an economic Japanese Family Restaurant called Tonden. Since I...