Lazy Cook

One lazy evening, instead of opening a can good, I cooked this one... SO YUMMY I swear..

Butter and Garlic Shrimp I think you already know how simple it is to cook this..

All you have to do is sautee the shrimp with butter, garlic and some seasonings. I used Knorr Original Seasoning Mix and the result? --- Heavenly deliciouso...


Shogayaki or Ginger Pork

I'm currently the chef in the house although I'm not really a good cook.. Honeyb loves whatever I cook for him. There are days when we're just not in the mood to eat a home cook meal. Either we dine out or take out home-cooked like food from Origin Bento .

This was the food I ordered.

Japanese Shogayaki or Ginger Pork in english.

shogayaki or Ginger PorkShoga means ginger
Yaki means grill or fry

I could've have cook Shogayaki myself because it is so simple to cook. It is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. The main ingredient of course is ginger which really sets off the meat. You just have to add some seasonings to taste.

You might wanna cooking this to your loveone(s)... so simple...


  • 2 tbsp (or more, depends on how many pork, 1:2) grated fresh ginger
  • 3 tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 tbsps mirin
  • 1 tbsp sake / rice wine
  • thinly sliced pork (up to you how many)

Mix the first 3 ingredients.
Marinate pork for 5 minutes.
Heat some oil in a frying pan (I prefer extra olive oil or no cholesterol oil)
Stir-fry the pork slices on medium heat.

Served ginger pork with shredded cabbage.


Camera Case

I suddenly bought a new camera a week ago because my little girl broke my old camera's lens. But it's ok.. It was fault anyway. And I was actually planning to buy a new one this month.

New camera means new camera case...


Isn't it nice and fabulous? It's so girly though. I don't think my hubby would carry this for me lol. I love not only because of its stylish look, but also it has 2 pockets.

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After quite awhile, we went to the nearest Philippine Store to buy sinigang mix and other pinoy goods last weekend. HoneyB has been requesting me to cook sinigang for our lil girl. I haven't cooked yet but I'm planning next week --goodluck to me.


Here's one of the highlights of our food menus this week.... I voted this as our Yummiest Breakfast for the week.

Homemade Longganiza from FriendMart Philippine Store....

Yours truly's plate

with sliced tomatoes (ohh sayang walang itlog na maalat), vinegar (sukang sawsawan), and Knorr Seasoning Mix... Pinoy na pinoy! I LOVE IT!

While this was my HoneyB's plate....

Pinoy Breakfast in Japanese Style

with miso soup, and melon

Hubby loves longganiza, especially the skinless and regular flavor of Pampanga's Best.

Healthy Note:

I always cook the skinless lonnganiza in low fire, never add oil because the longganiza itself has its natural oil...
Longganisa is a type of Filipino chorizo or sausage. It is sometimes spelled as longanisa, longaniza, langgonisa, or langgoniza. It originated from many Philippine regions like in the towns of Vigan, Lucban, and Guagua. The most popular meat used in making this sausage is pork. Other substitutes are chicken, beef, or tuna more.

join us and share your foods every friday


This Blog Surprised Me With A Page Rank

Fab ♥ Momma is officially on its new home, the wordpress platform, as of July 12, 2010. Please head over here for the latest updates.

I'm actually quite surprised when I discovered that this page has been ranked to 3. it's really an unexpected update since this has been negelected for almost a month.

Now I'm clueless on what to do on this site. I have no great deal being serious about PageRanks but I'm aware that being ranked means the blog got a lot of traffic from the search engines and it is indeed important to bloggers who make money online...

I've always thought about joining the trend of earning online thru PPP, PayU and similar sites but I still hesitate because of my time, and my writing skills..

I guess I might give it a try when I have time, and I would definitely ask my bigtime blogger friends to guide me =)

For now, please visit the new fabbielous blog, www.fabbielous.com

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