Day 48 of my 365 days, 2010

My Favorite Dinner, STEAK

nothing beats Japanese Steak--- soooo yummy, I SWEAR!

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  1. aay..ginutom si ako..sarap naman tingnan!

    have a great weekend dear:)

  2. Steak is yummy and very easy to do make. My best favorite cut is fillet mignon and cook medium well.

  3. steak is yummy, even the price lol!
    Happy Weekend!!

  4. Waahhh! ang sarap ng steak, I lvoe it, love it, love it. Hehehe! nag hysterical ako ah.. We grill steak, once a week, kahit medyo mahal, but it's better dito lang sa house, kasi mas mura.. di ba? I love Japanese steak, kaso super mahal dito eh. tyaga na lang si Fahfah Rod mag ihaw.

  5. I'm sure masarap na steak yan!!Mahilig dyan ang aking carnivore na asawa lol!!


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