Breakfast in Bed

Im moving back my cc post here for awhile coz I have to fix my personal blog first --- its kinda frustrating when you're having problems with the host / server, i dont know, im still figuring it out -- so im cc entries is back here in blogger platform lol

Breakfast in bed.. sounds sweet but we haven't tried this and I think we won't unless if we're staying on a love hotel with a complimentary breakfast in bed.. Although I had a wonderful experience of having French Cuisine breakfast in bed on the next day after I gave birth to our lil kawaii princess who was on a baby crib beside my bed ( i love the hospital where I gave birth, it was like a hotel ) I was eating alone, smiling while watching my baby who was sleeping like an angel.

As for me and my honey bee, we were not a fan of breakfast club before we live together. We had that crazy and unhealthy lifestyle during our single days lol.

But now (especially now), we are morning persons. Breakfast is our main meal of the day. We're heavy breakfast eaters. I am the one who prepares our breakfast, it's the easiest task anyway lol..

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  1. wow, daming pagkain, pahingi naman,Lol! just kidding...
    kahit na hindi sa bed sweet pa rin basta kasama ang hubby di ba?

    A blessed day Bambie...

    Ate Sarah

  2. By the way, I grab your badge and followed you here...

  3. Pangalawa ka na sa nabasa kong nag breakfast in bed noong nanganak lang, hahaha! Lahat naman ng kakapanganak eh sa bed kumakain, hehehe.

    Minsan i serve mo ng breakfast si hubby mo sa bed, ang asawa ko eh spoiled na spoiled, pero di naman madalas na pagsilbihan ko siya, siya nga eh kapag may sakit lang ako yan magluluto ng breakfast, hmp!

  4. Sa tutuo lang masarap manganak sa Japan lol!Maraming pagkain!Akalain mo bang nag-gain pa ako ng weight pagkatapos kong manganak lol!Dun lang yata ako nakaranas ng breakfast in bed ah.
    Heavy nga ang breakfast nyo which is good naman coz it will give you energy to start your day.

  5. haha.. i can imagine.. pwede bang sa japan ako manganak next time??? LOL... masarap na pagkain, maganda pa hospitals...

    ako din, grabbed your badge for my 3 blogs and syempre noon pa kita ni follow on all my 3 blogs too..

  6. So sweet & napaka maalaga mo naman Bams & sarap ng mga niprepare mong food to start your family's day.Minsan lang din kami mag breakfast in bed when one is not feeling well & happy naman ako Yasiyuki would bring me breakfast in bed but in turn he makes a big mess in our kitchen lol!Still am lucky hehe.:D God Bless!


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