Liver Sashimi (reba sashi)

beef liver sashimi – a.k.a Reba sashi (レーバ さし)

A must order whenever you are in a Yakiniku Restaurant

Yes, it’s fresh and served with grated garlic, sesame oil & salt as sauce. Not all Yakiniku Restaurant serve this because it is fresh and should be served not more than a day from being cutted.

For those who havent tried eating raw food yet, hmm it might be yucky at first impression but I swear, it tastes really good that I’m so glad that I’m not a vegetarian.

It's kinda pricy too (but not that expensive though)..

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  1. yay, i don't know if i can ever swallow raw meat.. i haven't tested myself on how far can i go with exotic foods like that.. just trying to imagine already makes me feel uncomfortable :(

  2. hmmm, yup, sounds yucky nga....sorry, but looks good.

  3. oh my, i love sashimi but raw beef liver sounds so Hannibal Lecter to me.:p it looks appetizing!

  4. I only eat chicken liver and it has to be cooked. :)
    happy Friday!

  5. hahaha!!! ako i try everything.. so tingin ko makakain ko yan.. and nice presentation kaya mas ok.. hehe..

  6. I'm also recommending this reba sashi and it's really a must try if you're into yakiniku!You'll never knew the taste if don't try and it's really worth trying!


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