meet my pet...



My five year old Gold fish..

We bought this when Honey decided to move near my place. For Fengshui and decoration purposes. There were actually 7 goldfishes, but all died except this one which I named Haffi.

I Love her so much.. so cute and hypher (sometimes)..


  1. hello haffi, you're so cute and cuddly, can you be my friend too.....thanks for this post...it's great. join my blog, you are warmly welcome there, hear from you soon. thanks for MYM entry.

  2. Buti naman may natira pa Bams hehe ang cute pa naman ni Haffi o. Hi Haffi! Nice to meet you. :D

  3. hi haffi! you look so yellow.. hihi!

  4. your little haffi is so cute! hope he will be with u for many more years. i have always wanted to have an aquarium.. kaso too expensive here! :(


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