The One

Why do I love Thee? One true love?

Cheezzzyyy and mussshyy part begins....

We fall in love with someone because of the way they make us feel when we’re with them. Since we’ve been together, my honey seems to bring out the best and worst worst in me, and much of the time makes me feel pretty crappy.

I love my Honey.. I believe he's "The One".

He is one of the most amazing person I know, next to my Dad. After all we've been through, highs and lows, I couldn't ask for a more caring and loving man. He changed me into the person I never imagined I could be...

I miss how I was before but I love the way I am now.

He listens to my dramas, nonsense thoughts, etc... He considers my opinions, atleast most of the time..

He's a good provider..

He never complains about how I keep the house. I still have lots to learn when it comes to homemaking.. from cooking to---cooking. I am not a good cook, but Im learning. I appreciate his white lies to make me feel good. He always says my cooking is delicious when I know it's not.

I love talking to him.. eversince I met him, we never ran out of things to talk. I wasn't even fluent in Japanese at that time. We grew up in a different culture but we get along so well. Ive had so many good laughs, and still having REAL HARD LAUGH once in awhile with him..

He knows when Im sad. He always cheers me up when I miss my family..

I love him for a countless reasons...

I love him as boyfriend... I'm loving him as my hubby.. I kind of loving him more when he became a dad .

He got Me Crazy for Love!

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  1. wow! kaka-inlove naman sis! hehehe... He's the one for you talaga.. Bihira ang ganyang lalaki sa Japan.. Love viewing the pics...


  2. O mga langgam, sumusugod na para kagatin ka Mommy Bambie hehehe!
    Iba talaga kapag loves natin ang ating mga partner, or I'd rather say, it's different once we found our one true love, iba ang feeling, eka nga..Lucky you and me, kasi kahit makalat, di rin ako inaaway ni hubby ko, but he praises my cooking, kasi la siyang choice kundi kumain, otherwise, magutom siya, ahahhaa!

  3. Para kang artista, kaya di ka na pinawalan ni honey mo. nakadalawang comments yata ako ah, isa pang GT at isang pang Couple's Corner..hahaha!

  4. You both are lucky Bams to have each other.Ganyan talaga pag love natin ang isang tao inspite of all the highs & lows we love them no matter what.

    Sweet naman ng mga photos ninyo. More happiness to you & your family.God Bless!

  5. how sugary..he..he..love the way you describe you're "The One" sis. we're blessed to have a hubby that doesn't complain how we keep our house. natatawa ako jan sa white lies to makes you feel good...he..he..alam natin ano if our hubby do it to please us..he..he..cute naman ng photos nyo..nakakainlove..sooo syrupy:)

    by the way sis, I made something for you HERE. Hope you'll like it.

  6. Super sweet naman ng slideshows pics hehehehe.. Kumusta na ang prinsesitang maganda?

  7. Swerti talaga ni hubby sayo Bamz you are sosweet at maalaga pa. pretty pa, fabulous pa hehehe

  8. aw sobrang cheesy at mushy post nga.. thanks for putting that warning sign hihih

    kakilig ganda! waaaaah. dmi langgam dito ha..


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