My Valentine's Date for 2010

Me and My little Kawaii Princess' Valentine's Date is none other than Mr. H T. The loving, kind, funny, handsome, generous, and suplado hubby of mine, my baby's favorite man in the world.

Well celebrating Vday in Japan is almost same as any other cupid countries but there's one distinct difference. It's much more like Men's Day. Men are not required to shop or plan something romantic for their honeys or the ladies they are courting. It's the other way around. This is a day on which ladies can show their love or simple appreciation to the men they love or care by giving presents. This is also the opportunity for the single (and unavailable) ladies to give hints to the men they are crushing that they like them..

The gift that men receive from women on Valentine's Day is, of course, CHOCOLATE.

Photos of my 2009 Valentine Presents

**The chocolates in very elegant packages that I gave to the other men in my life (lil brother, granpa, FIL ) and to the other men that I want to show my appreciation (neighbor, Okasan's Driver) on VDAY 2009**

**The cake and tarts I baked for, of course, Mr. HT**

SO on the coming Valentine's day, I'm going to surprise him with a lovely and sumptious dinner in our home sweet home, plus a delicious heart shaped cake for dessert. Just like what I did last year, but I'll make sure that I do better this time.


  1. Ganyan din sa Korea Bams but they celebrate it in different month, di ko lang matandaa how they call it lol.. So it is time for you to pamper your "loving, kind, funny, handsome, generous, and suplado hubby" hehehehe... Gogogo, ipagluto mo ng masarap and masahiin hehehe..

    Thanks for the visit and comments Bams.. Hugs and kisses for the two beautiful ladies there in Japan.

  2. ang sweet mo naman bams.. you took the time to send valentine's gift to the men of your life. and that choc cake does look yummy!

  3. oo nga, ang man of the world ng mga babies ang father talaga, pero ang favorite woman naman ang Mama of course.
    First time to be here, palagi akong nasa Kawii princess na blog.
    I will add this blog, para naman ma visit kita at mag enjoy. I really enjoy visiting and reading some love stories at mga happenings.
    Salamat sa dalaw.

  4. hi mommy...matagal na akong d nka balik dito sa site mo....malaki na pala Princess mo...

    by the way nag follow ako sa blog mo, now lang! hehhehhe

    Hope to read more of ur posts....

    God Bless!

  5. Ay ang sarap ng chocolates. Alam mo bang ni hindi ako binibigyan ni hubby dubby ng chocolates..bakit kaya?

    Most of the time, it's sweeter if you just eat at home, yung magluluto ka ng food at candle light, parang mas masarap kainin, kasi alam na pinaghirapan mo di ba?

    This is My Life- Valentine Date

  6. Para palang leap year ang vday diyan sis hehehe. sweet mo naman pati driver my gifts. lol

  7. Awww the presents you made for the special men in your life look super kawaii ^^
    happy happy valentine's day to you sweety :)

  8. Those are very nice gifts Bams.I'm sure hubby will love it including what you have prepared this Valentine's Day. :D


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