On my SHower Loot....

Girls, these are my companions whenever I take a bath...

Thumbs up for Shiseido's new Tsubaki Head Spa which I'm currently using. I've been using Tsubaki, particularly the Shining Version for quite awhile. I love its smell and it leaves your hair soft and shiny, like no other shampoo have done before. You'll feel the difference in a matter of days.

And these are my beauty regimen after bath...

Softymo's Collagen for face cleansing wash (alternately using the white version), CHerry blossom lotion, Detclear facial peeling gel, and magic cream =)

more shower loots from gt here


  1. hmmm, I think I cam e across to another japanese GT blogger which has the same brand you're using. Nice selection you got sis, here's mine: http://melcoleofpausa.blogspot.com/2010/06/gt-shower-goodies.html

  2. I bet that japanese cherry blossom product smells like heaven <3 Would love to try it out too since cherry belongs to my favorite smells :)

  3. great stuffs in your shower loot sis...i first learned about this shampoo at sis Clarissa's blog

    mine is up too...it's here

  4. these look like good stuff,bambs!

  5. Pareho pala tayong Tsubaki girls--ang bango-bango naman kasi noh saka maganda talaga sa buhok.Dati Essential ang gamit ko pero ngayon Tsubaki na.Baliktad naman tayo,gusto ko namang i-try yung head spa.Yung Sea Breeze naman kay Yochan,chotto kaminoke usukunatta date lol!

  6. Hirap basahin ng characters sa mga bottles sis. Di ko malaman kung alin ang shampoo, alin ang body wash, alin ang para sa buhok at alin ang para sa likod.

    Oy, buti nalang may pang-ahit. Yan, at least alam ko kung para san yan. No need to read the label. Haha! Just kidding sis. Napadaan lang. Happy weekend po. Muah to Anzy.

  7. i have a feeling na sobrang bango ng mga japanese products.. as in sa pix pa lang nkkadrool ng gamitin eh!! tsubaki rin si clang.. must be really good ha! kc dalawa na kaung nagssabi. sana may ganyan sa pinas.. try ko hiihii

    anyways, thanks for joining GT ganda ha!!! See u next week, cant wait to see what’s inside your vanity kit! happy weekend girl!

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  8. wow. i hope i can try that set of shampoos. i dunno though if they sell it locally here. nice loot!

  9. now i know what it's Tsubaki pala that keeps you look more beautiful..i can smell sweet fragrance from here..:)

  10. wow! im sure magagandang products yan sis! i hope i can also try one of your shower loots! hehehe

  11. wow!!! that's a lot ha... naku, I'm getting more convinced to pamper myself na... haha... as I see other GTalker's loots eh nangliliit ako... waaah!!!


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