Happy Birthday Fab Roses

I wouldn't want to miss this day without posting a virtual greeting to these two Roses who are celebrating their birthdays today.

Ate Rose, one of my favorite mommy bloggers that I adore so much, especially the way she takes care of her family -her cutie and adorable kids that I want to take photos with someday, and her goodlooking husband that seems to have the most perfect smile.. I love her because she has been there all the time, together with other fab mommas online, watching my lil girl grow with me, and she has shared so much about her life that inspire me somehow to become a better mom that I am.. I'm happy that she created a meme called Nostalgia --please join us every thurs =)

Visit her sites:

Same with Mommy Rossel.. I'm always been anticipating to her sharings esepcially about her motherhood experiences with her pretty daughter RJ.. She's one of the nicest mommy bloggers I know.

Visit her sites:

Not just a year older, but a year better
A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
Here's to another year of experience.

Happy Birthday Comments


  1. Happy Birthday to Ate Rose and Mommy Rossel!!Best wishes po sa inyong dalawa!^_^

  2. Thank you so very much Bams, you are so sweet and I am sure that Anzy will be as sweet as you when she grows up. Sana nga magkita tayo in the future noh. Yaan mo pag nanalo ako sa lotto lol..

    I came accross pala a blog from Japan and her name is Anzu, akala ko ikaw eh but Japanese ata sya..

    Luvya Bams! Please give my hugs and kisses to the pretty Anzy!

  3. thank you very much, Bambie dear! it's so sweet of you. i really appreciate this. mwaaah!


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