Heartful Cake

These are not cookies but Pancakes... made with so much love for....

my honeyb, as "father's day" midnight snack

for my lil kawaii prinsesa, as meryenda =)

I always wish I could bake real and tempting cakes like what Ate Clang and my other girl friends do... I can try to bake but I don't have time and equipments ( yet ) lol

more tempting food from foodtrippers here..


  1. yummy! hubby likes fan cake but for breakfast only.

  2. Very artistic ka magprepare, turuan mo naman ako hahaha.

    Spice Up Your Life

  3. oh i thought it's cookies.... yes mami clang can make really yummy and inviting cakes sana ako din marunong ng ganun ...

    anyway the pancake looks good....

  4. the presentation is great :)

  5. Very ehartful talaga bamz, puno ng love tong bahay nyo. pawedi penge


  6. i bet you kid love this foods, very appetizing kasi ang presentation eh :-)

  7. Ikaw ba ang nag bake nung mga heart shaped pan cakes na yun o binili mo lang? Bilib talaga ako sa mga Japanese for their artistry in everything even with their foods. Lahat sa kanila ay may sense of beauty, balance and harmony. Kung minsan parang nakakapanghinayang kainin ang mga food na artistically prepared. Parang gusto mo na lamang ipunin para maging collection nang art works, lol. Thanks for the happy post. God bless you all always.

  8. just prepared pancakes with butter & maple syrup for sister's breakfast!

  9. I would just press the dough into the heart shaped pan and make one giant heart. I dont think it will work the other way, but I have never tried it.

  10. so yummy... bambie, hope you can visit my food blog too... its still baby... and it needs some visits to make it an adult ... hahhah!

    Table for Five

  11. @Mel Avila Alarilla

    Sir Mel ako gumawa nyan, pancake lang yan eh... syempre idedesign ko para naman magmukha cake talaga na ginawa ng pro-baker lol

  12. Love your food preparation and the efforts of showing your love to your husband^_^
    pancakes is a great start,practice lang ang kailangan on baking.magiging expert ka rin soon.Great job,Bambie!


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