My Daddy Yo!

We may be unlucky to have been grown up in a broken family, without a mom by our side during our growing up years for some reasons that we fully understand and accepted, but we're so lucky, SO LUCKY and BLESSED to have a father like our Dad who's surrounded by supportive family and friends who have also been there to look after us, showered us with love and care.

I never realized how our Dad ever love us so much when I become a mom. I can still remember all the things that we've been through -- thick and thin, good times and bad times -- and I love talking about them with Honeyb over and over. He's one of our favorite subject.

Well according to my hubby, I'm more like him. At first I denied the similarities, but now I'm kinda loving what we share in common. We're cool, friendly, responsible parent, down-to-earth, cowboy, walk-out king and queen, happy-go-lucky (but i retired from that), not kuripot, open minded, matured, and a lot more that you'll love to love and love to hate as well lol

Please read more here --> Our Dad because tears might completely fall if I'd be going on talking about him --the thing is, I miss him so much.

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  1. nakaka miss ang mga tatay natin noh? ako nga, ga ngayon di ko pa rin iniisip na wala na father ko. As if I can still see him. Mas understanding siya kesa ke mother. Laging wala si mother at nag wo work. Minsan inisip ko, buti na lang at nadala ko siya dito sa US bago siya nawala, kahit paano meron siyang pangarap na natupad.

  2. Para rin pala hapon daddy mo sister. may semilarity sila ng hubudabs mo, i think mata or ngiti ay iwan hehehe. good to meet your father sis.

  3. Awww ang sweet sweet mo naman Bams. Mukha ngang close na close kayo Ni papa mo. I applause your dad for being so supportive of you guys nung ala sa tabi nyo si mama nyo, it must have been really hard for him but he did kasi love na love nya kayo.

    Bago pa ako maiyak eh nytnyt na ako hehehe, lapit na magala una lol.. Mwah!

  4. Sana matuloy ang uwi nyo ng pinas para makita mo ng Daddy mo and I'm sure miss na miss ka na rin nya pati na si Azumi chan.

  5. aww... you must be so close nga gurl... ako din papa's girl ako talaga... and now I know where your good looks come from - combi genes of your mom and dad = PERFECT!

  6. Glad to hear you have a very supportive father, sis. Very persistent and hard working. You must be of the same traits from his as well :)


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