Scarf and Sandals

A very good friend of mine surprised me again with this lovely gift, Spring Scarf and equally fashionable sandals, plus a Birthday card, as her birthday present for me. I never expected this and I thought it was too much. BUT then, I so love them. Mom even wanted to use it first, and so as my sister, as soon as I opened the gift.

We were about to go for our BBq Party when Mr. Postman came by to deliver it. Just right in time.

I was really surprised and got thrilled. I was actually planning to buy a spring scarf the day before to protect me from the heat of the sun during the BBQ Party. Who would've thought a wonderful present has just waiting for me.. THANK YOU my friend, my idol..

Whatta a wonderful thing to start a great and fun day.

The scarf just gave an accent to my black outfit during the party... i love it..

Who needs a pretty face when you've got a nice Scarf?

Who needs a sexy feet when you have a fabulous sandals?


It would be a great if I have the pretty face and sexy feet to compliment with them...

Nice and Fab

Thanks to my sistarette online, Happi for this super fab button..


Thanks Ate Clang for the great surprise. I love them and i love you


  1. looks good on you! thanks for grabbing my badge!

  2. Oh, I did not know it was your birthday. Happy Birthday my friend. May you have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. May the Lord shower you and your family with grace and blessings from above. May He grant you your heart's desires. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. awwwwwww....I love them...so gorgeous...bagay na bagay sau mami Bamz....:) super sweet talaga ni Mami Clang....:)

  4. Whoa!Nagulat naman ako!You don't have to do that but thanks.I'm glad to know that you like 'em.
    A friend like you is hard to find and I'm really looking forward of meeting you and your family some day^_^


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