One of the many many things that I LOVE ABOUT JAPAN is their photobooth which is called PURIKURA. They're mostly found in game arcades..

What makes PURIKURA different from other photobooths?

You have 160 seconds (or more) to tap into your creativeness and make your own decorations with the different glittery designs and frames that are available in the editing corner..

Result? NICE AND Fabulous print...

P U R I K U R A | プリクラ | the J ★ POP culture

Just look at the background.. the glitters... and our eyes and skin lol.. Aren't they cute?

Puri-kura is short for "purinto kurabu" (Japanese pronunciation for "Print Club"). The term is actually a registered trademark, and refers to the photo booths where pictures are taken and the postage stamp-sized pictures the booths produce. Most of the pictures are printed out as stickers and used to liven up cell phones, notebooks, anything that will take a sticker.(read more)


  1. cute talaga sis. super. both your eyes are the prettiest. wanna try that purikura thingy too :D

  2. Can I share a secret??We don't do purikura!!It's a sshhh!!maybe because we don't usually go to amusement parks and even if we did,purely games lang kami.Nawala yan sa utak ko-I guess the last time I did purikura was panahon pa yata ng kopong-kopong yun lol!Maybe one of these days,we'll try to do them for a change!
    Lovely sister!Beauty talaga ang nasa genes nyo,Bambie!^_^

  3. beautiful!!! both of your eyes are dazzling! i lurve it!


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