One of the fab mommas online is celebrating her birthday today, and of course, I don'T wanna end this day without sending my warm greetings to her thru this precious page of mine . She's one of my dear good ol friends who I admire so much. I love her style of being simple but still carries the elegance. I love reading her blogs especially her fashion blog and of course, updates about his cutie and smarty little boy, Hyzyd, who's same age as my lil girl.. I really hope to meet them in person someday....


visit her sites....

00215.gif image by bams704The Fashion Explorer
00215.gif image by bams704Her and History
00215.gif image by bams704Tasty Exploration
00215.gif image by bams704Adventures with Hyzyd
00215.gif image by bams704Away from Home
00215.gif image by bams704Teaching Moments


  1. wow ang ganda ko dito..he..he..salamat sis sa greetings..feeling ko ang FAB ko tuloy to be featured here in your fab blog....I really appreciate your greetings and the banner..thank you so much sis:)

    hope to meet you in person too sis..baka visit kayo ng Thailand, let me know para ifood trip kita..he..he....

    Hugs and kisses to your lil dolly...mwaaahhhh...

    Have a happy day sis:)

  2. Happy Birthday to Mommy Gene!!Wishing her the best!!Thanks for letting us know here so I'm gonna rush to greet her at her site!


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