Marc Jacobs' Bag in Bag

ah ha! Yours truly went to TSUTAYA - famous video rental + bookstore chain in Japan, last week. AND THERE, while waiting in line to pay for my dvd rent, fashion magazines far right beside me caught my attention. It wasn't the cover girls, but the FREEBIES lol.. So the impulsive and lady gaga of me got excited and walked out from the line to check those tempting magazines for April.

Of all the magazine with freebies, I chose Can Cam's May 2010 Issue Magazine because I was so pleased that the mag came with a little Marc by Marc Jacobs mini tote. YIHEE!!

Measuring about 19 cm (length) x 7 cm (width) x 15 cm (height)

There's a few pockets inside for your mobile and/or anything.. So here's what it's like --

I think it's designed to be like "your bag's mini bag"... SO here, my bag looks more organized. AND it won't take much time if I wanted to change bags.

I really can't remember the last time I bought a magazine but I used to buy fashion magazines to check those fabulous japanese girls with their clothes, BAGS and beauty products, and of course THE FREEBIES (usually they have, but not that often)


  1. i sooo love freebies that are so useable... ang nice!!!

  2. ay, sistah... di ko alam ano prob sa iyong http://www.kawaii-bebe.com/ site.. problem loading page daw.. since yesterday... are you fixing it?

  3. Lucky you..ang cute ng mini bag na yan!

  4. wow! that bag is a steal.. very cute.. sana may ganyang freebie dito sa pinas.. hihi..

  5. Wow, this is so cool. I thought you would give it away ,,,, hahahah!

    The Ramen

  6. dami namang freebies, just for buying a mag? bakit wala nyan dito?!?

    hope you can link me up and join the daily party :)
    you're invited to a BLOG PARTY!

    i would really appreciate it if you can grab the badge and write a post about the blog party :)

  7. @AC

    yan ang ayaw ko sa wordpress, yung ibang server nagbblock ng ISP.. ok naman sya dito. Pero lilipat ko na sya sa blissfulqueen.me pag may time =) thanks sis...

  8. @Vernz

    NEXT TIME hehe.. you just gave me an IDEA... bakit nga ba hindi ako maghost ng give-away.. Thanks, pag-isipan ko yan..

  9. Some buy for the sake of freebies and not for the book.Cutie ang mga freebies ng mga fashion books dito tapos madali pang gamitin!


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