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I love taking pictures. I love Japanese culture and fashion. I love anything cute or kawaii. I love art. I love anything nice and fabulous... It doesn't have to be expensive nor branded. This is me, and I just love being a girl.

So now, expect to see posts about the cute/kawaii things I have or any fabulous finds I came across. I'm thinking of doing this atleast everyweek but still undecided whether to make it as a meme.. Let's just see..

Here's my first find... Actually I got these from my sissy's online store. Just like me, my lil sis also loves anything fab. Some of the accessories she sells are handmade (by her).

If you're in need of accessories to wear this summer, or maybe spring, and simply don't want to go outside, just take your time to surf the net and look for various online shopping store --- Well go visit my sissy's Summer Collections. Choices are limited but I assure you they're all nice and fabulous -- from rings, headbands, necklaces and earrings, ranges Php80 ~ ... SO mura diba?

Available for Philippine Residents only...


  1. like ko yan necklace sis.. ganda!

  2. Ay ang gagandaaa kaso Phils residents lang! Hmp pano naman kasi ang hirap naman talaga mag-ship ano?

  3. thanks mrs. Kolca..

    Twin, dont worry, papalhan din kita mga accessories, iniipon ko pa mga papadala ko para minsanan hehe

  4. great accessories. great blog. i saw some of your pics, you're really a fab mommah

  5. I love the headband,they're cute! Visited NAF--ang gaganda ng mga gawa ng sister mo!


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