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Honey took me to Hotel New Otani Makuhari as one of his Christmas Surprises during our first few months of dating, that was Dec 2005 and it was our first Christmas together and my first time to celebrate Christmas in Japan, away from my dear loveones in the Philippines =(

He's knows how much I wanted to go home but I just can't due to my studies so I think he just had to make those surprises to fill the loneliness in me..

Anyway, we had a fine course dinner at a French restaurant inside the hotel and the bill came out to over 100 bucks a person which I learned only after few months (syempre pa-girl pa ko nun, i don't ask how much he pays)

That was the most expensive so far and it was indeed a great experience for me who wasn't used of eating in a fancy resto -- i was a food chain eater until I met my honey who introduced me to different kinds of foods/cuisine.

(sorry i don't have a photo of our dinner course, di pa ko mahilig mamicture ng mga foods nun lol)


  1. wowwwwww expensive nga talaga haha.. mine is up too check it out here


  2. the foods much be super yummy! expensive foods are always yummy.

  3. My post is up for the BC Bloggers' Party Warning: it's about me, me, and me. Read at your own risk!hihi

    Now it's your turn. We'll be waiting for your post! :)


  4. wow! super mahal naman non sis pero memorable huh.. ^^

  5. di ko pa nareach yan sis to have a meal $100 per tao but I love to try French restaurant someday at least man lang may experience what it is to eat expensively but I'll make sure I won't feel guilty after spending too much on food he..he...

    if you have time my entry is here: http://www.fashionexplorer.net/2010/04/on-expensive-meals/

  6. Wow, ang mahal nga, hehehe.. ako rin eh fastfood lang ang mga trip. Pero paminsan minsan dinadala ako ng hubby ko sa mga resto na mahal, jsut for the fun of it, tapos di na kami bumabalik, hehehe!


  7. hundred bucks pperson. so all in all it's 200. wow! di kaya may nalunok kayong diamond? lol!

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  8. wow, oo nga! pero mahal naman talaga diyan diba? ako din drive-thru junkie ... LOL..

    My most expensive soup

  9. WOW! 100 bucks per person eh..susko! di ko pa na-experience ang ganyan ka-mahal na food...

  10. French cuisine in Japan must be very expensive considering the former to be exotic for the Japanese taste :)

    Hugs, Ria C


  11. wow! grabe naman! sosyal at expensive talaga pag sa hotel tayo kakain...

  12. $100 a head.. prang tip lng pla ung saken ganda :) hihihih

    so galante ni hub mo :D super sarap siguro nung food noh??? ihhhhh

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  13. wow that is expensive I posted mine at http://isherrygo.com I just remember that I had one expensive dinner with my dear and it was many years ago. we need to pay USD$300 for it as we are sharing the meal with 10 ppl.

  14. Grabe ang mahal nga...
    Well anything for the one he loves is always worth it :)

    Mine is up - http://peach36o.blogspot.com/2010/04/gt-most-expensive-food.html

    See you!


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