I've got a lot places in mind that I consider our favorite place, atleast the places that me and honeyb love to go. We went out alot whe...

favorite places....

I've got a lot places in mind that I consider our favorite place, atleast the places that me and honeyb love to go. We went out alot when we were still dating. He showed me around the real Tokyo, took me to places I've never been, and introduced me the other side of Japan that I haven't explored. That made me appreciate and love Japan more. I thought Japan was all about fashion, technology and hi-end amusement parks which my Stepfather used to take us when he was still alive.. I MISS HI, if it's not for him, we won't be able to go here..

Here are some of our favorite places (then...)

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 Denny's

a 24/7 family restaurant near my house, we used to hang out here when he was still trying to impress me lol.. He lives an almost hour away from my house.. We would talk for hours over the phone after my work, and he couldn't just get enough so he would suddenly go out and come to my place to fetch me, and hang out here to eat and talk for an hour --- i miss those days...

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 Game Center

I already took home more than 5 Stuff toys that we got from playing the UFO.. AND of course, posing inside the Purikura Booth, a photo booth where you can take a series of photos that can be manipulated--add images, change the background--at the touch of a button.

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 Yokohama

Our favorite dating spot, Yokohama...

and lately....

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 Parks
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 Akishima (everything is there including our favorite restaurant when we want to pig out, Chinese Buffet)
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 Tachikawa (my personal favorite place)

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  1. super nice ng mga places weeeeh thanks for touring me ganda hihih sa pictures abot kamay ko anag japan eh :)

  2. Funny, Denny's noong nagpapa cute pa lang sau, si Rodney Bennigans ang pinunthan namin noong first date, aba, ngayon, Chinese buffet na, mas mura na marami pa raw choices, ahahaha! Bakit kaya kapag di pa married eh sa mga mamahalin pa tayo dinadala, kapag kasal na at may mga anak na, sa mumu na, hehehe..kasi dami ng gastos.

    I love all the pictures that you posted, ang cute ng mga posings mo, ang cute cute mo talaga..hehehe!

  3. Parks are great place for kids. Mahilig din kami sa Denny's. Pag minsan dun kami nagbre-breakfast pero halos sa bahay lang para makatipid.


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