Liver Sashimi (reba sashi)

beef liver sashimi – a.k.a Reba sashi (レーバ さし)

A must order whenever you are in a Yakiniku Restaurant

Yes, it’s fresh and served with grated garlic, sesame oil & salt as sauce. Not all Yakiniku Restaurant serve this because it is fresh and should be served not more than a day from being cutted.

For those who havent tried eating raw food yet, hmm it might be yucky at first impression but I swear, it tastes really good that I’m so glad that I’m not a vegetarian.

It's kinda pricy too (but not that expensive though)..

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Me as a Lover

nicole3-1.gif image by bams704 I was told I was great lol.. I unintentionally could bring the worst and best in them. I tend to be bratty most of the time especially in the long run and yet they still find it too cute to tolerate it (sometimes not).
nicole3-1.gif image by bams704 I'm sarcastic when I'm not in a good mood.
nicole3-1.gif image by bams704 I'm a good listener.. I listen first on what he has to say before talking about my own thoughts.
nicole3-1.gif image by bams704 I think I'm a good adviser too and I usually give unbiased opinion.
nicole3-1.gif image by bams704 I'm sweet and very vocal. I love hearing those 3 words, i love you or aishiteru... sometimes I command him to tell it to me lol (just part of my lambing style). Basta when I say it, I want him to answer back quickly lol
nicole3-1.gif image by bams704 I'm cool and openminded. I don't judge..
nicole3-1.gif image by bams704 I'm so mababaw, its so easy to make me laugh. Me and Honey bee always on a laughing trip, as in we laugh hard most of the time. Yeah I'm funny too..
nicole3-1.gif image by bams704 I'm not a jealous type. But I know the difference of being friendly and being flirted (or flirting). I rarely get jealous.
nicole3-1.gif image by bams704 I don'T talk when I'm mad. Guys usually do the first move unless if its my fault. It's hard for me to say sorry during the LQ. I can only say and mean it after a kiss and make up.

What else? --timingly, my hubby sat beside me while I was writing this.. So I stopped fo awhile and asked him to decribe me as a wife ---ohh he gave me playful grin so I seriously asked him to describe me as GIRLFRIEND instead lol. He said -- demanding ( me? ), sweet (yeah), childish (huh?), kawaii, cowboy, cheerful, funny, optimistic -- I wasn't satisfied so I asked him to describe me not in words but in sentences, he said --good or bad, i love you just the way you are--

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Breakfast in Bed

Im moving back my cc post here for awhile coz I have to fix my personal blog first --- its kinda frustrating when you're having problems with the host / server, i dont know, im still figuring it out -- so im cc entries is back here in blogger platform lol

Breakfast in bed.. sounds sweet but we haven't tried this and I think we won't unless if we're staying on a love hotel with a complimentary breakfast in bed.. Although I had a wonderful experience of having French Cuisine breakfast in bed on the next day after I gave birth to our lil kawaii princess who was on a baby crib beside my bed ( i love the hospital where I gave birth, it was like a hotel ) I was eating alone, smiling while watching my baby who was sleeping like an angel.

As for me and my honey bee, we were not a fan of breakfast club before we live together. We had that crazy and unhealthy lifestyle during our single days lol.

But now (especially now), we are morning persons. Breakfast is our main meal of the day. We're heavy breakfast eaters. I am the one who prepares our breakfast, it's the easiest task anyway lol..

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Day 48 of my 365 days, 2010

My Favorite Dinner, STEAK

nothing beats Japanese Steak--- soooo yummy, I SWEAR!

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Vday 2010

Big plans for Valentine’s Day you ask? It's not that big.. Hunny forgot that he had committed to helping out with his cousins because their Grandma is moving to one of their Aunt's unit. Since he had set it up weeks ago, he totally forgot about the fact that it landed on Valentine’s Day. That was ok though, we don't have to celebrate Vday outside. Actually men are not required to plan about dating their ladies.. It's the other way around. IT'S JAPAN (read more ......)

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Watch our photo slide na lang....

Our Valentine slide with an 8mm Film Effect

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Heavy or healthy?

Breaded Porkchop with Egg and Vegetable Salad, and a Green tea (for drinks)
served for breakfast

Healthy or heavy? Rice is not included in the picture but I ate it with rice... YUMMY!

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My Valentine's Date for 2010

Me and My little Kawaii Princess' Valentine's Date is none other than Mr. H T. The loving, kind, funny, handsome, generous, and suplado hubby of mine, my baby's favorite man in the world.

Well celebrating Vday in Japan is almost same as any other cupid countries but there's one distinct difference. It's much more like Men's Day. Men are not required to shop or plan something romantic for their honeys or the ladies they are courting. It's the other way around. This is a day on which ladies can show their love or simple appreciation to the men they love or care by giving presents. This is also the opportunity for the single (and unavailable) ladies to give hints to the men they are crushing that they like them..

The gift that men receive from women on Valentine's Day is, of course, CHOCOLATE.

Photos of my 2009 Valentine Presents

**The chocolates in very elegant packages that I gave to the other men in my life (lil brother, granpa, FIL ) and to the other men that I want to show my appreciation (neighbor, Okasan's Driver) on VDAY 2009**

**The cake and tarts I baked for, of course, Mr. HT**

SO on the coming Valentine's day, I'm going to surprise him with a lovely and sumptious dinner in our home sweet home, plus a delicious heart shaped cake for dessert. Just like what I did last year, but I'll make sure that I do better this time.


The One

Why do I love Thee? One true love?

Cheezzzyyy and mussshyy part begins....

We fall in love with someone because of the way they make us feel when we’re with them. Since we’ve been together, my honey seems to bring out the best and worst worst in me, and much of the time makes me feel pretty crappy.

I love my Honey.. I believe he's "The One".

He is one of the most amazing person I know, next to my Dad. After all we've been through, highs and lows, I couldn't ask for a more caring and loving man. He changed me into the person I never imagined I could be...

I miss how I was before but I love the way I am now.

He listens to my dramas, nonsense thoughts, etc... He considers my opinions, atleast most of the time..

He's a good provider..

He never complains about how I keep the house. I still have lots to learn when it comes to homemaking.. from cooking to---cooking. I am not a good cook, but Im learning. I appreciate his white lies to make me feel good. He always says my cooking is delicious when I know it's not.

I love talking to him.. eversince I met him, we never ran out of things to talk. I wasn't even fluent in Japanese at that time. We grew up in a different culture but we get along so well. Ive had so many good laughs, and still having REAL HARD LAUGH once in awhile with him..

He knows when Im sad. He always cheers me up when I miss my family..

I love him for a countless reasons...

I love him as boyfriend... I'm loving him as my hubby.. I kind of loving him more when he became a dad .


Eminent Eights

Thank you to the two fab mommas online for this,
8 TV Shows I like to watch
  1. Prisonbreak
  2. 24
  3. The OC
  4. The Hills
  5. Desperate Housewives
  6. Ally Mcbeal
  7. Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo
  8. The Buzz (hehe chismosa)
8 Favorite Place to Dine-out
  1. Chinese Resto in Akishima
  2. Hamakatsu (tonkatsu resto)
  3. Juju's Yakiniku
  4. San Maruko
  5. Red Lobster
  6. The Otani Hotel
  7. TGIF
  8. Outback


    meet my pet...



    My five year old Gold fish..

    We bought this when Honey decided to move near my place. For Fengshui and decoration purposes. There were actually 7 goldfishes, but all died except this one which I named Haffi.

    I Love her so much.. so cute and hypher (sometimes)..

    Japanese Tempura Rice Bowl

    One of my favorite Japanese foods is Tempura. The other day, we dined out in an economic Japanese Family Restaurant called Tonden. Since I...