Yakitori, Oyter Katsu et al

It's been awhile. I missed posting a Foodtrip entry for several weeks. Ive got loads of yummy photos to share but this week, I'm sharing this...

A Japanese Chicken barbecue which is called YAKITORI (upper left)
Breaded fried Oyster or Oyter Katsu (upper right)

Oppps, I dont know what I should call the dish at the center. I just saute the pork strips and eggplant with a chinese oyster sauce and served it with Lettuce. Not bad =)

More yummy foods on the foodtrip badge =)


  1. Yummy yakitori!!! tabetai na :) lol!!!
    Happy weekend!

  2. I'll take the barbecue anytime!
    btw, I absolutely love the pinkness in this blog of yours,so neat!

  3. aw.. you did all that? oishiiii!!!

  4. @ fedhz
    nope, yung sa gitna lang, binili ko lang sa tabi yang yakitori and oyster katsu lol

  5. Perfect appetizer yang yakitori mo,Bambie!!Kahit yakitori lang,pwede ng umupo at mag-inuman na lol!!^_^

  6. Wow yummylicious foods mo dito mommy bams. lalo na pag may mainit na rice hmmm yum!


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