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I think we are over the JEALOUS thingie. But I shouldn't be so assured. My life revolves around my hubby, my baby and my family here, in short, my current social life is zero lol.

Seriously, I think Im not the jealous type, or maybe I am one lucky lady coz my bf and now my hubby never gave me a reason to be jealous. There was a time I was teasing him, acting like a jealous wifey (but im not really) like "uyyy, i think you're not really watching the news, but the newscaster instead.."--- I was just teasing him then coz he watches news every 10pm and watch the next news on the other channel aired every 11:30pm (with a beautiful newscaster). Instead of laughing back at my joke, he just answered me with a serious tone "it's not funny.."... and then the next night, he didn't watched the 11:30 news lol. I made hirit again, "how come you're not watching the news?", then his answer was "tsumaranai koto iu kara!" --only A.Seiko and A.Clang understands what he said--- well he means he just dont want to hear any nonsense comment from me, it will just destroy the night (duh?).. So another joking hirit, "no problem with me if you watch your FAVORITE news, i can't blame you if you like the newscaster coz even me, i admire her beauty..blah blah..."... I was the only one laughing outloud in our room, he was mad lol

Anyway, I think the worst instance of "Arising Jealousy" in our relationship was the one I shared in my previous post about our first ever misunderstanding. It was about the late texts and phonecall from a guy friend who is actually a gay friend of mine. I can't blame him though coz my phone kept on beeping and ringing eversince his first day in Pinas. He's not used to it ( he wasn't aware how pinoy loves texting ) And hearing a loud voice from the guy on a lat night (kulit kasi ni bakla ) made him think I was fooling around.

in Puerto Galera

ANother instance was when we were in Puerto Galera. The driver kept on talking to me and I was just being nice although deep inside of me telling him to stop lol. He was quiet the whole time and I just knew he didn't like it. It was my fault coz we were there to have a good lunch, and I let the driver tell his nonsense stories which my hubby didn't understand at all.. it was just a waste of time ( I believe it was coz he asked for a bigger tip )


  1. Naku eh pareho pala ang mga hubbies natin. Noong nasa Pinas kami at may nagsundo sa amin sa airport na friend ng cousin ko, eh bakit daw nginingitian ko ang guy, ngek! eh langan naman irapan ko di ba?

    There are women that are so secured and don't feel any jealousy, but, sometimes, jealousy can be fun, just not too much. In every relationship, there should always a way to have a little spice to it. If there is no misunderstanding, disagreement or jealousy, it could be monotonous and can be so boring and lifeless. You just have to know how to to play with it in a sense that it won't make a crack to your relationship.

    Pano ba mag install ng wordpress ek ek ba yun? di ko alam eh. nahihirapan nga ako, gusto kong mag reply sa bawat comment, kaso minsan di ko naaabutan, dumadami na before pa ako maka reply.

  2. hahahaaa!!Ayaw nga ng hapon ng ganyan lol!Buti na lang pag binibiro mo cya ng ganyan,di ka pinapatulan.Kung asawa ko pa yan,pinapatulan ako.Mas lalo akong iniinis lol!Konting selos may be cute for sometimes^_^Ang sarap palang biruin si Sir Hide lol!!^_^

    Uwi muna kami sa bukid bukas.See you again dear!!Hugs to lil Anzu!!

  3. You guys look happy and contented with each other and baby azumi...I can't imagine any real jealousy sa inyong dalawa sis! miss u!

  4. naku si dearie ko pag ako nanukso sa kanya it ends up na ako ang mapikon kaya iwasan ko na lang...LOL!...

    wow cute naman ng phrase mo that your hubby never gives you a reason to be jealous..he's extra careful in whatever he do and he's always thinking about what's good for your relationship..You're so blessed sis....

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