Meet My Parents

I have lots of fun photos with my family and relatives. I grew up in a huge number of family. Just imagine how fun it was growing up with all of my cousins which I grouped into 3 Generations lol.. My dad is the fifth child among the eleven children of my Grannies (that's why)

Anyway, I just want you to meet my loving parents, Mum and Dad..

Oopps don't be confused.. They are just friends but I believe the love will always be there. They are happy with their life now, that's what matters most.

That was taken last October, when Mom had her 1 week vacation in Philippines. So sad I wasn't there... we could have a new family picture if ever..

With Love Wednesday


  1. you have a pretty mum.. that's why! :D

  2. Buti naman that your loving parents parted ways as friends.

  3. cool ng parents mo ha! what's important is they're still friends in the end :) thanks for sharing bambie!

  4. May pinagmanahan pala angbeauty mo sis. Your mom fabulous rin and your dad is quiet handsomy. That good, that your parents parted as good friends.

  5. this is my first time here sis! i always visit your other blog. followed you btw.

    nice that your parents remained friends :)

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    Journal of RJ's mom

  6. Curious ako sis, so japanese ang dad mo? Akala ko Filipino tapos nag-asawa lang uli ng japanese mom mo...ganyan kasi usual na story ng friends ko...akala ko ikaw din...dami ko pa pala di alam sayo hahaha actually dati di ko alam na half-japanese si jays! Akala ko full pinay sya hahaha

  7. lol mukha lang japanese dad ko kasi chinito sya, quarter chinese kasi sya eh pero pure pinoy

  8. ahhhh ganun ba!!!! O tignan mo dami ko pa di alam sayo hahahahhaa


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