Kids that I love So Much

One of the many many things that I miss in the Philippines is the noisy environment... Not the noisy streets but the giggles, laugh, and the loud voices of the kids in our house, or in any house of a family, especially on special occassions.. My nephews, nieces, cousins, even my brother and sister are all over the place...

And this slide shows the kids that I love...

With Love Wednesday


Yes I have a lil brother and a sister in my father's side. Actually I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers in my dad's side. Im not ashame to tell you that 5 of them are my half siblings.. Well my Dad is always the Ladies' Man especially during his time lol. He's not that good looking but I guess he's oozing with sex appeal lol or maybe he has qualities that women falls inlove with...

What I am proud about my dad is he never left his responsiblities and obligations on the mothers of his children. He's a good person despite of being weak among women. Maybe that is why he' still friends with them.

Anyway he's a change man (according to him but no one believes him heheh)... Mom and Dad has become good friends since year 2000. We wished them to be together again before but it was impossible... What matters most is the love they had and the respect they have for each other.


  1. si Jay din, may mga half sya--pero on BOTH sides hehehe. I love my sister-in-law (Joeyce) kahit na di sila full na magkapatid. She is a good person. You probably see her on my FB. Magkamukha sila ni Jay, para silang twins hahahha

  2. that's a big happy family =D great presentation!

    thanks for joining WLW once again! and thanks also for sharing the story :)

  3. Awww!!I soo love to see their happy faces!!I'm sure na miss na miss ka na nila!!Beauty runs in your family talaga,Bambie!!Nagkalat ang magaganda at pogi sa lahi nyo!!\(^0^)/

  4. wow ang ganda talaga ng lahi nyo... nasa genes baga!

    nice pics ... i enjoy watching them


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