What i love and admire most about my honey hide is his generosity. He's never been or would have been a KURIPOT. Never an instance in...

On Shopping (before and after marriage)

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What i love and admire most about my honey hide is his generosity. He's never been or would have been a KURIPOT. Never an instance in our 4 years of being together that I heard him saying "expensive huh?". Even the first time we hanged out, our table was filled with foods and drinks. He would  always ask me or my friends if we need more.. I even find him so mayabang then, trying to impress me. On our dates, sometimes I would hear him whispering "yasui"(cheap) when he pays the bill while I was always surprised (and sometimes nanghihinayang) to see how much he paid. Of course, I dont tolerate expensive dinners nor any pricey things anymore especially now we already have a kid. Although sometimes, we treat ourselves a fine dinner outside inspite of being also affected by global economic crisis.

About shopping.
When we were still dating and eventually become steady, I never asked money for shopping. There were times that he insisted to give me shopping moolah but I always refused. I was shy and uncomfortable. Besides I was earning my own money at that time, I was working. I dont even want go to a mall with him coz I can't concentrate, you know how girls take their time looking around to every nice stalls. I usually spend alot with clothes, shoes, and bags. If not for myself, for others (well atleast people close to me). I always have nice presents for my loveones, especially for Hide on special ocassions ( now i don't )
Shopping was then my divertion to loneliness / homesickness. I was earning and thought I deserve to shop more. Half a day wasn't enough.

Now that we're married ( and I am a SAHM ), I dont refuse his money anymore. Im no longer shy lol. He hasn't change. I dont need to ask for money, he just knew before I need it. He never ask what I bought and how much I spent. Im always the one who shows the receipts and the things I bought just to show I spent his money wisely. He just smiles and usually says "im glad you enjoyed". Im a wiser shopper now ( atleast most of the time ) I dont shop for expensive nor nonsense things like I used to. I rarely even shop for myself. It's always for others, things for our home, and for our kid.

NOw im thinking when was the last time I bought myself a pair of shoes? Looking back at my old shopping habit, I never regret spending my (earned extra) money over clothes, shoes bags and other expensive things because I still have and using them. Looking some of them makes me feel good, thinking "im glad I bought you then (kasi di na kita mabibili kung sa ngayon)"...


  1. Iba na talaga ang papanaw natin pag we are married...family first. What matters is the love and contentment that we share to our hubby and kid and no material things can equate that. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

    My CC-Shopping galore

  2. Hehehe! totoo ka dyan Mommy Bambie, you were lucky you bought a lot of stuff before. Once a kid entered your lives? That's it, unless you honey is made out of Moolah. That's why ang iba sinasabi nilang, I need to make the most out of their singleness, kasi once na lumagay na sa tahimik, tahimik na rin ang pag shopping, ehehehe! I am so glad that your hubby is so generous. My hubby doesn't question me either, coz he knows that I always get things for the kids and for the house.

  3. Hahahhaa it's good na generous si Hide your hubby dearest!

    May iba lalaki sobrang kuripotttt at lagi pinagtitipiran mga asawa nila ugh!

    May kilala pa nga ako na pati shampoo at conditioner tinitipid asawa nila jusko!

  4. Same here--puro sa anak na lang palagi napupunta ang pagsha-shopping.Buti sana kung maraming moolah makakabili para sa sarili--kung di ko pa napansing butas na yung sapatos ko,di pa bibili ng bago lol!!
    You have a good provider husband,Bambie!Lucky you!!^_^

  5. Same here Mommy Bams,nung maliliit pa ang mga teens ako,I always have the time to go on shopping w/ him & he don7t asked me too & would just said you really did enjoyed your shopping don't you?But it's diff'rent now,now that our kids went to a big schools na,mas maraming expenses na kailangang sila muna ang prioritize.But then like you I never regret my shopping & 'm still enjoying it kahit na hindi para sa akin but for my kids & my family back in P.I
    I enjoyed reading your post my dear,it tells how lucky you are for havin' a not so kuripot husband.Thanks for the visit & happy Holidays!;D


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