Pink Panther

HONDA FIT 2009 Limited

Actually it's my mom's image by labambita When it comes to car, she comes to me.
I was the one who chose the model type and the color image by labambita She was actually eyeing for a flaming red toyota model image by labambita
She is really not a pink person but obviously she loves her pink car which she named as Pink Panther

Hey Pink Panther, wait for me til i get my japanese driving license hahah!



  1. you are getting a japanese driving license? cool! pero di ba right-hand drive dyan sis?

    wait.. i thought, this I ♥ PINK is for Thursdays :D

  2. Very cute, I love that color and the name Pink Panther!

  3. wow nice car Pink Panther... i love it!

    thanks for joining bams:-)

  4. oiiist may pink fridays din pala hehehe.. sige join din ako nyahahah, wala na ngang time to bloghop eh.. I like your mom's car..

    Nadd na kit s=dun sa isa.. mwah.. I'll send you our home add sa email..

  5. My daughter would definitely love your pink car haha!

    My entry is also a pink car. Teehee!

  6. That is one cool car! I am so loving it. ^_^

    We are up now: http://www.pinkthoughts.com/2009/11/pf-40-pink-baby-sling.html

  7. Naalala ko nga nung ipost mo ito noon sa flickr mo yata yun :)

  8. Wow..this is a very nice car..so pink,so beautiful, so pretty...I wish hubby can be me one like this, that is if he can Lol...i bet this is so expensive...you chose the best car for your mom...

    mine is up too... it is here

  9. Congrats pretty Bambie, you just won 1000 ec credits from Three Chies' Trends..hhehehe galing mo sis..

    i'll send the credits to your other blog na may ec....

    Thanks for playing and for visiting my pink post

  10. awww.. di ko alam na may "pink fridays" pala! haha! i did not join that one.. ^^

  11. Wow! That is something rare for a color of a car, noticeable when you are in the road! good choice.

    here's my entry winter pink robe

  12. Pretty girl and pretty pink car, even if it is your Mom's. Why are you getting a Japanese driver's license? Do you live in Japan?

  13. how cute!!! hope to have my own pink car!..he..he...


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