Posting for my favorite task of the week ... I think my latest favorite chocolates are from MEIJI. Especially the Black Chocolate... I...

On Chocolates

Posting for my favorite task of the week...

I think my latest favorite chocolates are from MEIJI.
Especially the Black Chocolate...

I used to be a chocolate lover especially when I was a kid.. I always look forward for chocolate pasalubongs from any family who came home from abroad, specifically from US, and Middle East. There were Toblerones, Sneakers, M&Ms, name all the imported chocolates you know.

Mom who works here in Japan during that time never failed to put chocolates in the balikbayan box... Uso pa padala ng package nun dba lol.. My relatives in the US would also send balikbayan box to us which really brought us so much fun--you know opening the box and smelling it for awhile lol--

Those were the days...

ANyway, I think I like Meiji's Chocolates most...

Right now, I rarely eat chocolates. I guess when you get older, you get sick of eating sweets..

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  1. pahingi!!
    here's my fave chocolate entry

  2. Love the dark chocolates too! Pro ang mga brands na 'to cguro jan lng sa japan kasi i nver tried it or have seen it yet...

  3. yum yum let me have some:)

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    Good luck

  4. my all-time fave chocolates!!! sarap talaga ng meiji.. esp ung with macadamia nuts. hehe!

  5. aw! meiji.. i got one meiji with almonds from a friend in japan.. sarap nga yan ganda!! :)

    but dark?? hmmmm i have to try it ha.. thanks for joining ganda.. i know ur busy pero singit mo pa rin sa sched mo :) see u next thursday ha.. fave pastime naman tau!

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  6. masarap din yang chocolates from meiji lalo na ang melty kiss!!Ang alam ko hanggang winter lang yan di ba?Naalala ko rin pag meron balikbayan sa amin,sarap na sarap ako sa toblerone!!^_^


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