Love For Life

Me and the man in my life, Hide

When we were still dating, we used to go in a game center and have Purika shots afterwards.. i miss those days, when we could stay out late at night til my curfew, out of blue joyrides, watching movies, out of towns, etc.

Nevertheless, our life now is much simpler and quiet. Living a happy family life with our love child. I know someday, we would be back again to our dating phase, but for now, we're happy and enjoying our parenthood to our
lil lovely daughter.

Gosh Im loving this new meme... it takes out the mushy in me...

Join us here
with love wednesday


  1. i love how you presented the photos...and the photos themselves...made you look like celebrities.

    thanks for joining bambie!

  2. You really look good together sis.. Lovely couple..

  3. I agree with Jona, sweet, para kang hindi Pilipina jan, you look more like a Korean. Bagay kayo, sana mejo ngumiti lang sya ng konti, heheh.


  4. such sweet pics! :D

    ill add this to my blog list :D

  5. Mami bams you are so ganda talaga!!! Pang artista ang dating...

    Love your photos ang sweet nyo!

  6. added your link and followed you too! take care fab momma!


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