On drinks...

These are the beverages that I prefer to drink most of the time...

The Starbucks Latte of Starbucks...
I really love this one. Of all the lattes of all coffee shops, Starbucks' is the best. Not too sweet but no too bitter. Perfect blend.. although when I tried the Pinas' Starbucks' Latte, it was quite different, sobrang tamis =( I guess Im getting old, I dont go for sweet drinks anymore...

Jasmine Tea
I just love its aromatic smell.. and its good for diet.

When it comes to alcohol.....

nothing beats my

It may be like a water for some, but I love it... I don't get tipsy even on my 7th bottle lol.
Just the taste, look, and smell of it brings back the old good and wild memories of my younger days lol..

Those were the days..

Occassionally I drink, but I can't even finish a can.. its really different when you're drinking with friends. Or maybe, I am not really into alcohol beverages...


  1. love star bucks too, especially their frappucino mocha! hehehehe...

  2. Ako nman momma bams i don't like beer, ewan ko ba- i prefer pa nga black label with coke, considering mas matapang yun. For some reason i can't seem to enjoy the taste ;?

    starbucks latte on the other hand is like heaven in liquid form, yummy! That gives you a clue on my fave naman, check it out.

  3. San Mig light? I can have a bottle or two of that. I think it goes with the age. Hehe.

  4. nothing can beat Starbucks coffee I guess. i love it!

  5. Wahhhhhhh konting sip lang nyan mamumula na ako at magtatawa Bams hahaha.. Ang bilis ko tablan ng mg alcoholic drinks..

    So Let's drink to that!

  6. my gosh...kahit 7 bottles? naks...ako kahit few sip lang...ayon...parang tupsy turvy na yung feeling ko...ehhehehe!

    sosyal ng drink...mine is up bukas....:)

    thanks pala for voting for Akesha....nako korek...what a pain in a butt na yung rules nila...was going to back out kahapon...because of the rules change...

    nako mami Bamz...am not sure.....will keep my fingers crossed kasi madami ang participants...everyday na pala yung voting sis...thanks again ha!

  7. omg i disagree.. di naman lasang tubig ang san mig light hahahaha LOL naku kahit anung alak ayoko except sa tequila LOL haahaha but i would prefer san mig light pag sa inuman with friends.. basta ba may pulutang calamares :D weeeeeeeeh

    i don't go to starbucks that much.. i usually have some frappes BUT it has to be free. ;) LOL i cant drink a coffee worth Php150 :D LOL ahahahah

    thanks for joining ganda!!! see u next GT ha.. fave chocolates naman..

  8. I also love Starbucks' Latte.

    My fave drinks are here.

  9. Yes, Jasmine tea! I can finish only a bottle of super cold San Mig lite. =)

    Here are my favorite drinks. ;)

  10. chill... we both love SML.. I am not starbucks fan nor figaro lover. I just can't enjoy much because of the price. I can have unlimited coffee at home for free. :D

  11. hi uhmmm pang tubig lang talaga ako wahhh anyway I hope u can visit my blog, mine is up with the meme please take a look http://www.mjoannafaith.com/2009/11/gt-my-favorite-drinks.html thanks

  12. Mmmmm sarap naman nyang Euro Pear na yan!!!

  13. hindi siguro pumasok ung comment ko but anyway...I love Starbucks..I just love the taste and smell of coffee there.
    Happy weekend =)

  14. san mig light is fine. I prefer it to be really cold.

  15. Nice drinks, latte from starbucks is good, medyo pricey lang, kuripot ako eh. I don't drink anything with alcohol, nag ha hyper ventilate ako, but I like to try it once in a while, di ko nga lang maubos ang isang bote.

  16. Bakit kaya di ko mataypan ang taste ng beer, kahit na light pa siya. coffee na lang ako at iced tea. :D

  17. Oh I miss that good ol days when we drink san mig light heheheh


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