On Shoes

I wear a kind of shoes depending on my outfit.
But I think these are my current favorite because I wear them most of the time. Actually, I wasn't into flat shoes / sandals before I got pregnant... But now, Im more comfortable with sneakers and low heels foot wear.

Too bad it's getting cold over here =( I gotta take out my boots and won't be needing to wear those sandals until I get home to Philippines late this year... Sana matuloy kami (crossing fingers)

More lovely shoes from girltalkers Here.


  1. thanks for sharing your shoe collection sis..they all look great..no wonder they are your faves..

  2. Oo nga,panahon na naman ng boots.Ang lamig-lamig na nga eh noh?Kung pwede lang akong magsuot ng sandals,I would love to wear your white sandals--sexy sa paa.And I love your Chuck's,too!!^_^

  3. oi gusto ko ung white sandals mo!! :) ihhhhh uwe ka ng pinas late this year?? sana! sana! :)

    EB tau ha! hihihi

    thanks for joining bam.. see u next week for our fave dresss.

    ingat lagi!

  4. I like them all. The rubber shoes color, especially the white one, so chic.

  5. cute ang white sandal mo sis...me too i'm for low heels and flat shoes too...mas comfortable for mommies on the go!

    Mine's here: http://www.fashionexplorer.net/2009/10/shoes-here-and-there/

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  6. Hay naku twin! Sinabi mo pa na mahirap na alagaan sarili kapag may inaalagaan ka nang bata hahahaha

    Dati lagi ako high heels talaga kaht na hirap ako bwahahaha pero nung magka-baby kailangan flats na or low heels nalang mamaya matapilok pako at mahulog karga ko! hihihi

    uy, ipapadala ko pa din gift kay azumi belated lang ha, hirap kasi pumunta dto sa PO medyo malayo sa bahay namin :(

    nabili ko na kasi pero unsure ako sa size pero ok na malaki kesa naman hindi kasya dba!


  7. all shoes looks so fab, hehehe so comfy, thanks for sharing girl. have a nice day

  8. howow, i like your sneakers here and the white sandals..

  9. I love the white pair very much, it's very me..I wish I can find something like that, but cheaper and in black,my feet are ugly and so tan, so white shoes will never look good on me hahaha! Great photos Fab Momma

  10. love the chucks! was choosing between that color and the color i have now pero all-pink won. hihi..

    anyways, here's my entry for this week:


  11. i love you collection of favorites..lalo na ung white high-heeled...hehehe for sure they are all comfortable to wear kasi they are your favorites...


  12. i love your chucks! ganda ng color! :) thanks for sharing.

    i joined, too, and my entry is here.

  13. hi katukayo Bambie Dear♥ ☺

    thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    have a blessed, safe and happy weekend.☺

  14. hi katukayo!☺

    just dropped by again to tell you that i tagged you for an award.

    the tag is here.

  15. Hi Bams, visiting you here.. nga pala pls leave your other url's on my comment section para madd ko lahat sa list ko hehehe

  16. ako din..pwede maki borrow ng white sandals...hehehe......:)


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