Showing off my own version of Bistek. JARAN!!....

All I did was marinated the pork strips with calamansi, soy soy sauce, and peppers (black pepper, and salt and pepper)... sautéed the onion rings for a minute and sat aside... fried the potato strips in the same fry pan that I used for sauteeing... sat aside... sautéed garlic and stir fried the pork strips (not the same fry pan of course) for 3-5 mins, poured the marinade... let it boiled. That's it.

Honey loved it. He even asked for an extra rice lol.

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  1. Bistek (or beef steak) is one of my faves! =P~ This one really looks yum, so I can't blame your honey for wanting for some more rice. ;)

    My FTF entry is here.

  2. looks yummy! masarap sa breakfast!

  3. the potato fries for a side dish is a very creative idea. I love bistek and so is my husband,I will surely try to add the fries next time.

  4. I love your bistek,it's nicely done and it really looks so tasty,Bambie!!

    re:This year sa Akita ken ginanap--di pa namin alam kung saan next year.Baka makasama kami,for support of Yochan's friend.

  5. wow ang sarap =P~ yum yum i love this too with lots of onions too

    my entry is here

    Great day for us Food Weekenders:)

    Thanx for the Visit :)

  6. paborito ko ang bistek lalo yung masabaw.


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