on my favorite dress...

I love dressing up especially when I was still single but I actually don't have any particular favorite dress or cloth.

However, I've always been more into skirts and shorts. I have a closet full of those in different style. I may not have those long legs like the supermodels, but I guess I look prettier with skirts lol.

BUT then, you would rarely see me wearing mini-skirts nowadays.. well atleast for now =( I don't think I have a single one that looks good with me right now because my legs are not as skinny as before girlemo..

You would probably see me wearing jeans, peddle, or sports pants =(.
Gosh I really really need to be more serious with my diet. Miss ko na mga damit kogirlemo


  1. Super model ang dating mo Bambie dear. Fashinionista ang lola ko ah.. You look gorgeous whatever outfit you wear..Ganon daw kapag maganda, kahit ano isuot, maganda pa rin..Oh ha!


  2. super fashionista!☺

    i liked the second to the last one, the knitted dress. bagay sya for the weather in japan but here, naku po! LOL!

    thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving the comments.☺

    have a great weekend!

  3. Hi bambie dear! ganda mo tlaga! U indeed look good in shorts and in short skirts... I know exactly what you feel with not wearing skirts for rigght now, I also just gave birth 8 months ago! Naku! Hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin kasya ang pants ko before I got preggy...

    Hwag mo nang akoin ang lahat.. LOL... U r already blessed with a pretty face and a nice complexion, ibigay mo na sa iba ang long legs...

    Thanks for dropping by...

  4. girl i want to see u!! photobucket ba yan?? i cant view ur picture :(

    anyways, i can imagine na lng na u look pretty as usual with ur choice of dress kasi super beauty k naman tlga.. :)

    oi see u again nxt week ha.. fave accessories namant au!!

    ingat lagi! mwah mwah

  5. You look great on your fashions,Bambie!!You're one stunning Momma!!^_^How envious!!Di mo ako makikitang ganyan--palagi akong balot lol!!

  6. btw,grabbed your badge nga pala here--nice one!!I love it!!^_^

  7. a true fashionista!
    you look gorgeous in all of that clothes... kahit ano atang suotin mo bagay syo.

    just dropping by...


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