On accessories

I love accessories.. next to bags, shoes and clothes. I have them in different types. WHen it comes to jewelries, I love ethnic, blingies, swarovskies, white gold, and Silver sterlings. I have yellow golds which are given by my MOM, but I rarely wear them. Hindi ko bagay eh.

Among all my accessories, these are my favorite...

Most are from Tiffanys which I bought when I was single. Some of them were gifts.

Silver sterlings, I know, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Apart from a general love of sterling, when it comes to personal accessories, I naturally lean toward silver and white gold.

I almost forgot that I have watches coz I rarely wear them nowadays. These two are my most favorite.

The Rolex which was given by my late stepfather on my 24th birthday.. that's why I treasure this so much, not because it is a Rolex.

You may wonder where my Hermes watch is... I actually don't remember where I put it. All the while I thought it was inside this box. I just didn'T have time to look for it but sure I will.. It's also my favorite next to that Rolex because that was the first gift given to me by my honey when he followed me in the Philippines back in August 2005.

Of course, the most important of them all is my engagement ring..

ooppss sorry if its blurry... I took this shot 2 years ago using my old camera

I didn't know that diamonds should have their Diamond Grading Report to document and ensure its unique characteristics.. ou know the 4 cs.


  1. wow so nice, love the tiffany jewelry, mahal nyan..

  2. My first time here.
    I love your choice of accessories.My teens just love all kinds of accessories from tiffany & co.
    And i love your wrist watch (Rolex & Hermes) but I love Hermes the most.
    Btw,thanks sa visit ha inulan ako ng comment mo.But sure promise to visit you back.It just happened na medyo busy lang talaga since MIL's in the hospital.I'll be back here on Saturday specially on your baby blog.
    Sinilip ko lang muna yung ibang post mo sa ibaba.Ilike your style.Sexy ka pala talaga urayamashiii!!!!
    Jya oyasumi!!!Chu!!

  3. aw nice watch.. love ur ring too!!!

    like u am not into yellow gold rin.. but my bracelet look like yellow pero swarovski sya so i like it :D ihhihih

    thakns for joining ganda!!! next thursday fave drinks naman tau ha!!

    tc! have a great weekend ahead!

  4. so gorgeous....love them all....silver lover din kasi ako....ehhehehe....daan me dito mami ganda!

  5. I love Tiffanys necklace very classy and elegant.
    Mine is up!
    Happy weekend =)

  6. gorgeous accessories, bambie!☺ same tayo, i'm more inclined to wear white gold & silver accessories than gold. for me, mas elegant ang dating.☺

  7. hi again bambie!

    i'm dropping by again to say that i have a special tag for you and i hope you'll accept it. it's here.☺

  8. oh fabulous! your accessories are very elegant!

  9. Wow girl! Bongga ka! Only in my dreams na mgkaroon ako ng hermezzzzz watch! Just the sound of it is sooo expensive... Hindi mo na makikita yon kasi andito na sa akin.. LOL...

    Anyway, i love all ur tiffany jewelries... especially the toggle clasp heart kasi meron din ako nyan, yan lng ma-afford ko..

    Send my regards to your rolex.. nyahahahha

  10. Wohoo! Nice collection of accessories Bambie. I love sterling silver over gold. Fabulous Mama ka talaga, ang taste mo eh classy.. Have fun!

  11. so fabulous, nice Ms. Bambie. i also wanted to be called fabulous kahit sa word nalang, LOL.

  12. I loveeee the ROLEX! kelan kaya ako magkakaroon nyan?


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