Getting To Know You (tag) and an award

Thanks also to my namesake Bambie of My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf for this nice award and tag.

This award and tag involves sharing five things you [I] love to do & passing it to 5 friends...

5 Things I Love:

* My Laptop... you know why =)

* Bags and shoes!

* My Ipod...

* My camera

* My loveones.. and that includes my family, close relatives and friends.

I guess there's no need to elaborate more =) Anyway, I'm passing this on to 5 blogger "friends" whom I want to get to know their 5 things they love most...

♥peachkins♥ of blowing peachkisses
twin Love Noreen of ★stillFAB
Keiann of My Everyday Blog
Clarissa of Kizuna

And also many THANKS to pretty Niko of Girls' Rule and sweet Yami of Mom Writes for a Cause for this....

Arigatou gozaimasu! THANK YOU VERY MUCH..

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