On Scents...

Im so late for the last week's Girltalk's task =(

Talking about perfumes.. I so love scents that smell sweet. I used to collect perfumes when I was single. I wear each of them depending on my mood.

When I got pregnant, I stopped wearing perfumes and switched to colognes instead. I got used to it, and gave away all my other perfumes. Besides, colognes are cheaper lol.

These are the current scents I have in my dresser.

The 2 big bottles in the middle are my current favorite. So sweet and not too strong for my baby. The rest are presents that I received this year. They all smell good especially the Rumeur (far upper right bottle)

Anyway, my all time favorite was D&G's Light Blue, Clinique's Happy and Heart, Davidoff's Cool water for women, and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. They all remind me of different things and happenings in my life, certain events or people. Good and wild memories indeed.

I know you know what Im saying. I'm sure you too have that certain scent that brings back good (or not necessarily bad) memories.

If I am going to give advice about perfumes or scents, pick something that is special. When people smell your scent, you want them to be reminded of you, and know that only you have that special scent.

Basically, it all depends on your personality.


  1. Wow, you have many favorites.. Too bad, I can't find out what those perfumes smell like, I have allergies and I can't wear anything with scent..

    I hope you can join our couple's Corner Meme, it will be fun too. Have a great day!


  2. Maraming nagsasabing mabango nga daw ang D&G's light blue--gotta check 'em out!I'm sure mabango yan!!^_^

  3. wow feeling ko ambago mo girl! gusto tuloy kta amuyin.. :)

    humabol ka pa ah! i understand naman at berdey ni cutie azumi eh :)

    anyways, fave shoes mo asan?? LOL hihih


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