After quite awhile, we went to the nearest Philippine Store to buy sinigang mix and other pinoy goods last weekend. HoneyB has been requesting me to cook sinigang for our lil girl. I haven't cooked yet but I'm planning next week --goodluck to me.


Here's one of the highlights of our food menus this week.... I voted this as our Yummiest Breakfast for the week.

Homemade Longganiza from FriendMart Philippine Store....

Yours truly's plate

with sliced tomatoes (ohh sayang walang itlog na maalat), vinegar (sukang sawsawan), and Knorr Seasoning Mix... Pinoy na pinoy! I LOVE IT!

While this was my HoneyB's plate....

Pinoy Breakfast in Japanese Style

with miso soup, and melon

Hubby loves longganiza, especially the skinless and regular flavor of Pampanga's Best.

Healthy Note:

I always cook the skinless lonnganiza in low fire, never add oil because the longganiza itself has its natural oil...
Longganisa is a type of Filipino chorizo or sausage. It is sometimes spelled as longanisa, longaniza, langgonisa, or langgoniza. It originated from many Philippine regions like in the towns of Vigan, Lucban, and Guagua. The most popular meat used in making this sausage is pork. Other substitutes are chicken, beef, or tuna more.

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  1. One of pinoy's fav breakfast!
    Ok,I will wait for next week's FTF for your Sinigang entry. :)

  2. I also love longganisa for breakfast. We also cook them with no oil. :)

    Have you tried the chorizo from Cebu? It's GOOOOD. One of my fave pasalubongs whenever we come back from Cebu.

    - blankPixels of CertifiedFoodies.com -

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  3. i also like Pampanga's Best langgonisa, and longganisa from Vigan and Lucban.:p

  4. Yum!Pinoy na pinoy ang breakfast!At pareho pa ata tayo ng white plates--Nitori?^_^


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