This Blog Surprised Me With A Page Rank

Fab ♥ Momma is officially on its new home, the wordpress platform, as of July 12, 2010. Please head over here for the latest updates.

I'm actually quite surprised when I discovered that this page has been ranked to 3. it's really an unexpected update since this has been negelected for almost a month.

Now I'm clueless on what to do on this site. I have no great deal being serious about PageRanks but I'm aware that being ranked means the blog got a lot of traffic from the search engines and it is indeed important to bloggers who make money online...

I've always thought about joining the trend of earning online thru PPP, PayU and similar sites but I still hesitate because of my time, and my writing skills..

I guess I might give it a try when I have time, and I would definitely ask my bigtime blogger friends to guide me =)

For now, please visit the new fabbielous blog, www.fabbielous.com


  1. congrats on the pr3, ganda!
    just grabbed your badge here...


    i love all your layouts... so kawaii!

    have a nice day!

  2. Congrats dear!!Am happy for you!


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