a typhoon that brought sadness

I really feel so sad and SORRY for all the victims of typhoon Ondoy. I stopped watching the tfc news because it's just breaking my heart.. I dont want to see those damaged homes, floating cars and houses... so heartbreaking. My family were just one of the lucky people who were spared from this disastrous typhoon. They live in Angeles City... They were all safe. Im also glad that my sister who's studying in Manila came home before the rain poured so hard. I might go crazy if something bad happened to them, especially my dad who goes to Manila everyday for his business.

Godd, I still feel sad whenever I read bloggers' posts about typhoon... I really feel sorry for all the victims and for the family who have lost -may it be something or everything--- If only I could do something to help, I would gladly do it. But for now, all I can do is pray to our Lord, and visit the nearest temple from our home, fire an insense, and silently pray for those who have lost their family.

This typhoon indeed brought a great sadness to so many people. With this video alone, my tears has never stopped from falling.

ANd there's another natural disaster in SAMOA... now i really am quitting watching the news for the meantime.

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  1. hayyyy nakakalungkot ano??? :(

    by the way, your blog inspired me to make another blog na naman hahahhaha pero puro kaartehan hihihi add me ha. Follow pala. Muah muah!


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