Hello WOrld

OK I ADMIT I'M BORED. Too afraid for my baby to get infected by INfluenza that's why the two of us can't just go out like what we used to whenever Honey is not around.. He is busy with his work today and I already finished 4 episode-DVDs of The OC, my baby is in deep sleep . So here, i came up with this another site to fill in the World Wide Web. I was actually thinking of another Wordpress platform but Im kinda lazy to have another separate LOG IN page so I created in my blogger account instead.

Well actually, I found this template (which Im currently using) so cute, designed by my favorite Cebong of Ipietoon.com. I still don't wanna change my babyblog's current theme so here... FABBIELOUS is born lol.

I still don't know what to do here, but for sure, another senseless posts from my scribbled thoughts. Any suggestions are welcome.

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