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WHat I love with wordpress platforms are the tons of plugins available. That's why I won't give up my kawaii-bebe even if i don't update it as much as I wanted to. That's my first ever blog anyway, i love it and I want it to stay that way, my personal page.

But lately, seems blogger has lots to offer too... although you have to manually install the plugin.

While I was in my usual surfing mode, I came across to this blogging tips site, didn't thought that Blogger has already enabled the Gravatar feature in blogs, although not exactly the gravatar, but the blogger's Profile Image...

Just Like these....

Would you like to have this Avatar feature in your comment boxes? Back up your template first before you follow these steps:

1. Go to Layout
**Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard
**checkthe "Expand widget templates" box.

2. Scroll down and locate the following line of code (or similar):
note: Depending on your particular template, you may see this instead

3. Replace this line of code with the following:

4. Now, locate this line of code (usually a few lines further down, depending on your particular template)

**Immediately before this line, paste the following section of code:

5. Save your template.

VOILA! check your post with comments, you should be seeing your commenters' avatars now

if it's not yet clear, click here, instead =) Let me know if you got it..


  1. Pass muna ako dito. Medyo me pagka techi masyado para sa akin. Thanks for the information and post though. God bless you always.

  2. Hahaha parehas kami ni Kuya Mel, mahina ako sa mga ganito Bams.. But thanks a lot for the tutorial, babalikan ko to pag may ample time na ako.. mwah!

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