Why do I love being a Girl?

Don't you feel so lucky to be born as a girl? Count me in, coz I am.. I always feel that whenever a great circumstances happening to me.. Although when I was younger, I would think about how is to be a guy? But let's just stick to the topic because today is Girls Talk day girlemo so here, the host asked Why you love being a girl?

WHY DO I LOVE BEING GIRL?girlemoI actually have so many things running in my mind...

ON SHOPPING: shoes and bags (may it be signature or fashionable), clothes, make-ups, accessories, jewelries ( i prefer white gold or tiffany's silver sterlings)

Can you a imagine a guy who enjoys these shopping lists? If there is, probably they would think him as a gay. Few people only understands what a metrosexual really means.

ON being vain
I guess shopping and being vain go hand in hands... If you're a girl, it's way too alright to be vain. Stylists could be our bestfriends because we tend to see them at least once a month or two (although i dont have stylist friends right now coz i havent been in a salon for months gessh!) ..
It's always understandable if we keep our date/boyfriend/husband waiting for like an hour (or forever) just dressing and making up ourselves. Have your guy kept you waited because he was till busy dressing up himslef

ON Gossips / Talking...
It's not that I love gossiping other people's dirty businesses coz I dont but reality Girls enjoy gossips and its ok to love it. We love talking about anything with our girlfriends, and find ourselves giggles.. We would never like a guy who loves gossips and have that cute giggles right? lol

On Heartaches...
We love so hard that's why we hurt so much. We're good in dealing with heartaches even sometimes we're overreacting and we tend to do stupid things.. that's just us i guess.. we face it and we deal it with the help of our girl friends who also cries with us. We tend to be masochist because we keep on listening to sad love songs, talking about him every now and then, but then girl friends are just there to listen to our stupid sentiments lol..

----these were the few things i was grateful for when I was younger. Now that I stepped in to the next level in my life, a more serious and responsible life..

ON being pregnant
I think I felt more loved, pampered, and cared when I was pregnant to our lil dolly princess. I even felt the love of my neighbors to me. I even treated special by the strangers I encounter inside the train or inside the mall or wherever and whoever notices me having a hard time carrying my groceries lol. Yeah really, i don't know if it is a SP here in Japan, people seems to be nicer with pregnant women. The special treatment is so automatic... I really enjoyed the feeling of importance I get from the strangers lol

The pregnant belly is the one of the most beautiful things in the world. Im so lucky to experience it. Imagine yourself carrying a life in less than a year? That's the greatest miracle and indeed the real essence of a woman .

SO there...
i can'T think of anything more as of now..
But for more girltalks, visit Here
..and you might want to share your thoughts too...
What are we girls are for if we don't chika chika??? lol


Congratulations Niko Ganda for this new weekly task... Love it!


  1. Congrats for your new blog! It's pretty. I added you already sa wp blog ko.

    extra attention was also given to me when I'm pregnant, it's like that I own the bus...LOL! Parang di complete yong pagka girl natin when we haven't experience being preggy..I'm thankful to God that He made me girl..he..he...

    I miss chika-chika with my girl friends here, we seldom see on weekends kaya diro nalang sa blogosphere..he..he...

    Thanks sa visit and nice comment on my entry.

  2. the real essence of a woman is being a mother..(oops sushimita comment)

  3. good answer :-)!thanks for sharing!

  4. am smiling while reading your entry.. :) what i love most is this..

    What are we girls are for if don't chika chika??? LOL tlga.. guyz cant understand that.. gosh an hour of talking with our girlfriends is like a minute diba?? we can talk and make chika in a day while doing all the vain things :D or while shopping :)

    thanks for joining ganda ha... see you next week! and yes i have to add this in my blog roll na..

    hugs and kisses

  5. Wow, great answers Bambie girl. But, my very fave is the pregnant moments. Yes, definitely special treatment from strangers. Not just there but everywhere. And only girls get pregnant, hahaha! That's why we love being a girl...and we get called MOM by our kid(s)..

  6. great answers momma bams! i really agree to all of them... and i feel lucky being a girl too!

    xlinks tayo? will add this blog shortly on my list. check it out na lang on my sidebar. hugs!

  7. Great entry. Nice! So interesting.

  8. korek yung sa being pregnant. i so agree with that. kung hindi nga lang mahirap ang buhay ngayon gusto ko buntis lagi para feeling special lagi. hahaha! jk.

    here's mine: http://randomwahmthoughts.blogspot.com/2009/09/gt-i-love-me.html

  9. totally agree with you on the shopping spree and gossip, teehee!!

    wow, momma bams nice page you got here ha. and ive included it in my blogroll and followed your blogs as well. follow me too ha!!

    Girls rule. till next week.

  10. I like all your answers especially un last..parang gusto ko na tuloy mag baby although di pa namin plan this year...hehe.
    I also like this GIRLS TALK MEME of Niko ^_^


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