Over men....

Okay I don't need to go further, of course men's nature is to provide something for his family. Thousands of years ago until now, they are the Hunters, while women's nature is to take care of the family, that's why they are called "the light".. you know what i mean?

Aside from the "girl thing" thingies like make ups, shopping, endless conversations with friends, bearing a child, dresses, et al

I think...........

** men are not good with

Sometimes my hubby pisses me a bit when for instance, Im washing dishes while cooking and doing laundry at the same time, then he says "one at a time honey". HALLER??? Infairness, he's just being caring but he knows I can do it, ive been doing it for over 2 years now lol

He even says "relax relax" when I chat or talk to the friends of mine over the YM while I am ironing our clothes... I know he was just joking but it's not funny for me sometimes lol (love you honey hehe)

Havent seen any man, inlcudes my dad and honey, who does multi tasking so good. If they do, they end up complaining or feeling exhausted, while WE, women enjoy doing it without SWEAT...

**can't ask for directions

I already proved this for so many years from my exes, dad, male cousins, boy friends and my loving honey. They think they're good with directions, that as much as possible, they don't pull over and ask for help.

HOney has told me a lot of times that Men are good with directions. Honestly, they really are. They may know all the short cuts on the roads... But in times of asking for help such as directions, well--- girls always rock lol

** wOmen are more CHARMING

DO i need to elaborate? We get free drinks or get inside of a bar with no cover charge and a lot more favors by just using our charms lol

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  1. men can be charming too if they like, but kelangan talaga nila mag-effort. haha! unlike us, it comes out naturally. o diba? :D

    here's my entry , btw.

  2. maybe ma-minus point ang pagiging pogi ng boys if they ask for directions..he..he..buti nalang andito tayo...he..he..and totally agree with you sis about our charms...he..he..beware it could be deceitful!

  3. Maybe your hubby just thinks that you're overworking yourself too much and just wants you to not work too hard but doesn't understand that you CAN actually handle it. heh

  4. on multi-tasking. i think my husband can do it better than me. he won't complain, but I do. baligtad hehe. on asking direction, mahiyain sila sa ganyan or ma-pride lang sila. :)

  5. weeeee love ur last entry the most!! charming really :) heheheh

    my husband is the only man in the world who asks directions LOL hahahah kakaiba tlga

    thanks for joining this week ganda.. see u again next week ha.. fave things on earth nmn tau! naku show ur fave bag na! :)

    mwah mwah

  6. Oh, the charming thing ... maybe during yiunger days in the bar... pero ngayon sa retail stores ko na lang ginagawa iyan...hehehe.

  7. Heheheh di talaga nil akay amulyi-tasking! Kapag nsa school ako at si Jay bantay mga bata for a few hours nakuuuuuu parang dinaanan ng bagyo ang bahay!!!

  8. men couldn't ask directions kasi they're too proud to admit that sometimes they need help. And i couldn't agree with you more on the charming part- i think its also called the art of persuasion. But if all else fails, there's always the emotional blackmail that only us girls can ever master.

    Girls Rule. mine is up too :)

  9. hahaha mommy bamz pa comment hehhehe...
    oo minsan naiinis din ako sa hubby ko hello wag mo na lang kaya sabihin gawin mo na lang kaya hehehhe parang ganun.
    lalo na kapag naghahanap ng sariling gamit niya nasa harapan na nga niya bulag pa hahaha

    pag dating naman sa bata nako never pang napalitan ni hubby si baby ng diaper swerte niya.

  10. Men don't ask for direction??? It's a proven fact. If we get lost, my hubby will go on circles without asking for direction, and when I tell him to stop in a gas station, I get the tiger look, grrrr! He will finally find the place, but our gas is half full, wahhhh! Anyways, I love your answers. We also rock with multi tasking. We rule!!

  11. women are more charming<-- totally agree..


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