First Date: Summer Love

I was 14 when I had my first ever decent date

My boy friend who was my classmate from Grade 6 to first year highschool and transferred to Baguio on our 2nd year, visited me during our summer vacation. We hanged out together with our other friends, including his cousin who drove for us.

To make the long story short, his cousin has a crush on me and been asking my friend a lot about me. Uso pa telebabad nun so we talked for long hours... during those times, my friend never bothered to call me anymore. I wondered why I missed him but his cousin always calls me even if he's in Manila (where he lives). I love the effort of long distance call just to check how I am. Whenever he was in AC, that was the time we can talk for hours. I enjoyed talking to him. He talked about a lot of things which were new to me. He's so sensible and kind. He's 7 years older.

Til one day, he asked me to have dinner with him on Saturday Night, he will go to Angeles.. Gosh I said yes! BUT I panicked when he said he will fetch me in our house, 6pm. I can't say "NO meet na lang tayo sa kanto namin" lol..

I was stressing out myself for days thinking about how to tell DAD that I'm going out on Saturday Night? It's always OK to go out with my friends coz he trusts them but with a guy? I havent tried asking him that yet that's why I was stressed..

That night, I was so nervous. I got no choice but to tell Dad, and he was somewhat shocked lol.. First time kasi eh, Im the eldest... Good thing when he arrived, he knocked and went inside. He really had the intention of asking my Dad's permission to take me out. Daddy was like a police, interrogating him. He even asked him to write his address in Manila and Angeles... He gave us curfew til 9pm (ay naku!)

How was our date? It was memorable and indeed the moment I was fantasizing. A gentleman who would open doors for me lol.. take me home on time and kiss me goodnight yeah we kissed but never thought that was the first and last I WAS INFATUATED.

He said he realized I was still too young. Before something gets deeper, he should let go. Kawawa lang daw ako coz he lives in Manila. He said his cousin likes me too that they started not to talk eversince he called me. That made sense. ALthough I lost my friend.

ANyway, Seeing him talking to my dad in his formal and polite way, I realized that's the type of man I would like to be my boyfriend. Matured and responsible. Maybe that's the reason why I choose older than me.


  1. awww... now that's my type of date! hihi.

  2. less stress if you get into relationship with older guys, they are mature and responsible too.

  3. hehehe... kakakilig naman.. para akong nas high school na nagbabasa ng first date mo... And I totally agree Bamz, mature men are better husbands kasi they have more experience and they don't entertain nonsense stuff...

    enjoyed reading...


  4. That's a very nice date Bambie, and your date was a true gentleman. I am sorry that it didn't work for you, but..maybe, because you are meant to be with your hubby di ba?? ganon lang yun eh.

  5. Sweet naman ng first date mo Bams and pormal na nag ask out. Everything has it's own reasons talaga.

  6. aw ang sweet. you are 14 and she is 7 years older :D aw.. eh kasi naman you are such a beauty girl! you lost a friend and he lost a cousin :D haba ng hair mo tlga :) ihhhhh kakilig kaya ikaw ata pinakabatang nagformal date dito huh

    at 14yo nagpipiko pa ko ganda!! lol hhaha

    thanks for joining GT girl.. see you next week ha..

  7. ang sweet naman, that's the kind of date that every woman want :)

  8. Haaayzz kilig nman dito, remiscing the kilig moments back when hehehehe.

  9. Nakaka-kilig naman to,Bambie!!Sobrang formal ang ka-date mo,a real gentleman.Siguro habang ini-interrogate cya ng Papa mo eh nai-ihi cya sa nerbiyos lol!\(^0^)/

  10. Hahahaha 14 din ako kumerengkeng! First Love, First Kiss, First Date, First BF. Minsan natatawa ako pag naiisip ko yun. Hahahaha

  11. wow! first date at 14! kelan ba ang first date ko... hmm.. cguro i was 19 na! hihi! late bloomer ang lola. :D


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